Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jinx Up Date

Thankfully... I managed to finish Jinx without any more disasters. I am sure he just wants me to go away so he can get acquainted with Yancey. Kitty must be off sulking!

Please click on photos for a closer look.
Oh yes!... This cat is jinxed! He has already used up several of his nine lives. He has had his ear ripped off after being baked. He broke his leg and it had to be replaced. When I finished painting him I needed to spray him with a sealant. To do this I had to go outside. Right after I sprayed him I dropped him in the snow and all his paint sort of curdled. He had to be sanded, repainted and sealed again. Grrr

I have been suffering from a serious case of fumble fingers for several days. Before anything else happens to him I thought I would share him with you. He hasn't had his final hair cut yet or gotten his whiskers. I have been trying to get Kilmouski to sit still all night but he isn't cooperating. His eyebrow hairs are just fine enough for Jinx's whiskers. LOL

It also appears that like Kilmouski he thinks any flowers brought into the house are for eating. ;-)