Thursday, August 21, 2014

Baby Blue Jay...Injured or Stupid?

I don't know if this fledged baby Blue jay is injured or stupid. I rescued it yesterday when one of the outdoor cats had his eye on him. I know he can fly because yesterday when I picked him up I put him in a five foot long planter tough (that is on my wall). When I came back outside to check on him  he was sitting on the back of my chair.
I was worried they had gotten him over night but no. He is out in my garden again. He took a piece of cat food from my hand. I wish his mother would tell him to stay on the high branch I put him on. I am scared every time I go out side what I might find. 

He just sat on this branch taking pieces of cat food from me. 

He really isn't afraid of me. I have picked him up 3 times and put him up in a tree.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Petit Point Carpet Progress

I have decided I am total rubbish at petit point. Not that the stitches are bad, not at all. The back looks great. It is just that I make counting mistakes which I then have to spend a ridiculous amount of time taking out. Then of course putting back in. I pay close attention to the chart and I still do it. AAARRRGGGHHH. I am determined. I have never been one to hold up the white flag, But oh boy this thing is kicking my proverbial!!!!!!

Some people take their needle and thread and happily dance across the canvas outlining something five and ten inches away. They get bored with one area and have totally vacant spaces between their other body of stitches. Oooooh I wouldn't dare. I don't stray too far from the mother ship! I am looking forward to getting on with the navy blue that outlines this center medallion of the carpet. That will make all these colors pop to life.

BTW... This is a different canvas from the first one I started and didn't like. I also bought a new frame to work it on.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Very Special Gift

Catherine has sent me a positively beautiful oil painting. I love, love, love the image of this little girl spoon feeding her doll. It's just charming. The colors she used are gorgeous and her brush work is perfection. Catherine continues to astonish me with her talent. I adore her work! I wish you could see this painting in person my photography cannot begin to do it justice.
I am planning to use the painting in the master bedroom. Perhaps over the bed or above a fire place in that room.
Thank you so very much Catherine. I will treasure it forever. It is so special.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A decision.

After many hours of stitching ! I don't like it at all.

Instead of using my brain I made a bad choice. I love the variegated colors in Catherine S. carpet. So what did I do?  I just bought all those colors instead of mixing them with the solid colors also suggested in the stitch guide. Then I just merrily started stitching. Oh yes, I noticed things were looking weird but like a moron I continued. 

The problem is... Every new color lot of these variegated dyed threads comes out differently. Some lots might be light batches some are dark and yes I bought the same color lots. As I stitched along the color changed so dramatically it looked like I started a completely different color. So the design gets lost in a blur of changing colors. I like that in the body of the red background but not when it comes to defining the design elements. That needs to be distinctive. Following the chart I have changed colors only to discover that say the pink is so close to the red I might as well not have bothered to re-thread my needle. The gray is so close to the blue at times, you can't tell those apart either.

So an executive decision has been made. I am going to scrap this piece and start ALL OVER AGAIN. Kill me now as my friend L. M. says. 

Oh yes, I feel like a total idiot but hey..... If  I am going to do all this work, I want to like my carpet when it is finished. 

This is how it should have looked below. The colors are consistent in the middle of the design..

Sunday, July 6, 2014

What Luck! It's A Perfect Fit

This frame belonged to my grandmother. It had a gorgeous (unfinished) piece of her embroidery on it. She passed away before she could finish it. I never had the heart or any reason to remove her work from the frame. I really had not even looked at it for many years. It has been packed away in a closet.

Oddly enough, it was the perfect size to stitch Catherine Soubzmaigne's petit point carpet on. If I stitched it length wise. I decided it was meant to be!

One problem, I had no idea how to mount it. So I decided to wing it. Learning what I could while removing my grandmothers work and devising my own methods as I went along. My grandmother was not stitching a canvas.

Here it shows how it had to be whip stitched onto the canvas like tape. Which is part of the frame. The sides had to be laced on the frame.

It took forever!!!!!!!!!!! First, I turned under the edges of the silk gauze under and based them. Then I decided I needed a bias tape over that all around the edges so I would have something more substantial to stitch onto the frame. I back stitched the tape on through the doubled gauze by hand because I do not own a sewing machine. It is as tight as I dare make it so perhaps it will be OK

Now I can get down to the business of stitching the carpet. ALSO investigating the new Proxxon Fet saw that arrived not long ago. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's New

Recently Linda sent me several beautiful pieces of Stokesay Ware to add to my collection. It was a thank you gift for something I made for her. I was thrilled! I love their new "Chelsea Plates". They blend so nicely with my mismatched blue & white collection. She also sent me the blue willow tureen and the little leaf dish. Thank you so much Linda!!!

I bought the Guinness stone bottle by Terry Curran from Peeps by Post. Elaine wrote and said she was moving house and she had just found a brand new Jane Newman dresser she forgot she had. Right before Jane retired she came to visit her for tea and brought a few of her last pieces. How lucky because it is a bigger hutch and I obviously am out growing the one I have. It is unfinished so I can choose what sort of stain or paint I want on it. I will be very glad to have all the cup hooks it has too.

Stokesay Ware Leaf plate and Teresa Martinez's canned string beans, tomatoes and olives. 


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beautiful Petit Point Carpet ...Finally I HOPE!

I am afraid I had to cut the photo in half to try to get blogger to publish the quality. I keep getting an error message. Grrrrr Blogger is being a real pain today!!!

You are going to have to click on this photo to see the amazing detail of this petite point miniature rug. It is well worth a closer look.

This is a insanely gorgeous petit point carpet was designed and stitched by Catherine Soubzmaigne on #40 count silk gauze. The rug is 8 1/4 inches by 11 inches. It has been stitched with beautiful variegated cotton threads.

I have looked for a very long time for a carpet I wanted to stitch. When I saw this one I knew it was the one! The detail is so amazing when I first saw the photo blown up (full screen on my computer) I thought...No way this is a miniature. I was in total awe. I immediately ordered the chart from Catherine. In less then 24 hours after the first time I saw it, it was in the mail to me. I am thrilled.

It is going to be a real labor of love.