Friday, March 10, 2017

This is the last one.

I had just one last antique compact I wanted to salvage the petit point top from. It was a big piece and again I wasn't willing to cut off several stitched rows just to make a smaller cushion.

Actually, I have stitched a RL needle point cushion that is this big. So I thought why not have a big one in miniature. I can see someone leaning back against that big pillow reading a book in bed. :-)

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you will have time for a few miniature projects of your own.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

I think it works with the sofa

 Several years ago I made a dark blue wing chair with a William Morris print on it. The fabric came from a 100% silk men's tie made by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The quality of the silk and the printing the Met does is fantastic! Plus, I thought the scale was just right.

Other than the solid gold silk sofa I made, I never thought I would find another complimentary print to go with the dark blue chair. The fabric shops in my city are a total disaster!!!

Recently, I found another silk tie on eBay that I thought would work. No wonder, when it arrived I realized it was the same print in a different color. I thought it might be OK if I placed the print a bit differently on the chair. I did that except it seems for the seat back. (which I noticed after it was too late!) 

I think they will work in the same room using a solid gold silk sofa I made. I think the William Morris Brer Rabbit cushion I stitched works great on it too.

Click on the one below for a better view. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day! Charmed I'm Sure.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Just a quick post to show you I finished my assemblage necklace. Below is a list of the things I put on it.

The Top Row....has a little gold lock I have had all my life. French enamel pansies. A 1920's brass hobnail boot, a vintage piece of petit point, my Barbie clock, a natural crystal in the shape of a cross from Kentucky, a brass owl. The Second Row... has a sterling silver teapot (that opens), a French Souvenir locket with photos of Paris, a frog prince, a French hotel number brass key fob, a sterling silver doll purse (that opens), a brass hour glass, French brass dolls frame, a enamel butterfly attached to a brass whistle, a French porcelain house number, collection of Victorian wescot buttons, A French dance card with Joan of Arc & a tiny pencil, a school student honor metal. At The Bottom... attached to the doll frame... is a 120 year old French guilloche enamel 1.5 inch ladies compact.

It sure is turned out to be a conversation piece, the few times I have worn it people stop me to ask about it.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Pillow Top Ottoman...Salvaged Petit Point

Please click on the photos.

I am still finding some wonderful antique petit point compacts. I like those rather then purses because the designs are scaled for a small area. While I don't mind salvaging the petit point from the compacts, I dislike having to size them down. I know all to well how much time was spent stitching all those rows.

I had to really think about what to do with this piece. It was too big for a pillow/cushion. The colors looked great with the chairs and the carpet. That is not something easy to find.

I could have made a very small stool, folding the piece over the sides so it would be completely covered in petit point. That would have caused me to lose the over all design. So I decided on a sort of pillow top ottoman. It  can serve as a place to put your feet up, a make shift coffee table or extra seating in a room. The top is filled with 1mm micro beads.

I chose straight legs for contrast with the cabriole legs of the chairs. I still have to make some cording for the raw edges

Just like a cat! They have to inspect anything new you bring in the house.

Lots of new miniatures. I just haven't had time to photograph them. 

I am starting to wonder if anyone is out there anymore. 98 % of the bloggers I follow have vanished! The SIMP show in Paris now has vanished too. ;-(

Monday, January 16, 2017

What a great street!

I have no idea where in France this picture was taken. It sure felt familiar, owing to the fact it reminded me so much of one of  Rik Pierce's dollhouses. I sure would love to make it. Though not for my collection, it would be too small. I just think it would be a lot of fun. I even like the color of the green trim. Surely there can't be two doors side by side... Can there? Don't you wonder what is around that bend. I want to see the rest of it!

Thank you to Jean-Claude for providing a link in the comments section. It is always nice to give photographers credit for their work. Plus there are more wonderful photos. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Second Life For Vintage Petit Point

I bought these three pieces of Schildkraut petit point on eBay for next to nothing!. There is a #1. compact (stitching on both sides), #2. mirror with folding lipstick holder and #3. perfume bottle. I knew I was going to be re-purpose them someday.
 The only piece I have taken apart is the one in the middle. I wanted to use it for a small area rug/carpet. Thinking it would be great in a bathroom or in front of a sink in the kitchen. I love the colors in all of these pieces. That was improved by washing them all. I learned in embroidery classes to use Original Dawn dishwashing liquid. It is mild and leaves no chemicals behind. Even Kilmouski gets washed in it!
The glue went so close to the stitches on the back I wondered how I was going to deal with it. I finally decided on a bit of iron on interfacing to secure it. I made a black twisted cord for a finished edge.

 The finished carpet, so sweet.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Scratching a very old itch!

I think I was bitten by the miniature bug when I was about 4 years old. I remember standing in front of a gumball machine at the drug store with my hand full of pennies. I was willing it to give me the prize I wanted. The prize that kept me awake at night.  It was a tiny folding pocket knife. There were always a few of them in the machine. They were real metal and had different colored pieces of plastic riveted on them. It never happened. All I got were gumballs and prizes like a plastic magnifying glass or tiny figures. :-(

Today, I found the pocket knife of my (age four) dreams and bought it. I have a good reason at this late date. I want to make a charm necklace out of all sorts of tiny things I have had since childhood. Lots of sterling silver charms, old New York subway tokens, ancient 2,000 year old Egyptian beads, antique coins, the list goes on and on. Plus there are a few things that have caught my attention while I was looking around the internet to add to my stash. One requirement, if it isn't sentimental, it has to be a functional working miniature!

 In my search I found the world's smallest pistols! YES, real working ones that either fire blanks or 2mm lead bullets! I spent hours looking around at all the options for a pinfire pistol. I couldn't believe the price range there is. They go from $6,300 American dollars for the ultimate (made in Switzerland) to $30.00 I decided on a price range and found one I liked. I found them irresistible. OK... Maybe you are anti gun... but seriously, you can do more damage to yourself with your X-ACTO blade than one of these little things.

The one I bought is just like the one above, except it has a ring at the very back of the grip. So I will be able to add it as a charm to a chain.
Here is a video of a guy shooting one of the world's smallest pinfire pistols.
 It occurred to me that other people were probably making this sort of necklace so I started looking for them. Here are a few of the crazy ones I found. 

The title of this necklace is.... "I am who they were" These photos are the makers ancestors.

 Edith Head typically wore her famous necklace of antique ivory theater tickets. The late Elizabeth Taylor loved the necklace so much that Edith bequeathed it to her at her death.

 I have no idea yet what mine will look like. It is a work in progress. This has had me on a merry search through the house wondering.... What the heck I did with THAT thing? Things, I haven't seen in years are being found.