Thursday, March 11, 2010

Early Spring & Dollhouse Inspiration

I am finding all sorts of dollhouse inspiration in my own neighborhood. My house is not in the mix however. These are the houses that are all around mine. Somehow I never notice them driving in and out. I took a long walk this morning. The cherry trees are in full bloom and it's finally warm!


  1. These houses are surely inspirational! they inspire me to in one of them !!!!
    I would love to walk around, and can't wait to see more, real or small:-)

  2. O to live in a house like that! What a dream to walk around there. I don't dare to show my own neighbourhood anymore ;)

    groetjes Evelien

  3. What a beautiful neighborhood! And beautiful flowering trees! Most of our's have yet to bloom but they will soon and the peach orchards will be a lovely pink profusion!


  4. These houses surely are inspirational - the colour, form and proportions are excellent!
    Thinking 'local' is wonderful with such examples.

  5. They are so romantic! I live in California where neighborhood were built in all styles, that is to say a Spanish Revival may be next to a Tudor, next to a Colonial. This is a very beautiful neighborhood! CM

  6. I do enjoy houses with an informal balance of elements. The 1920 Tudors are lots of fun. I find them inspirational as well. I enjoy that neighborhood too.