Monday, March 29, 2010

Mail Today

I have been wanting a few books from Treefeathers. They came in the mail today. I am delighted with them. Among others, I ordered the Jane Austen set. Which are personal favorites in real life.

Also my order from Gerd Felka arrived. Four wine glasses that are exactly like my real life ones. Which go nicely with a decanter Frank Whittemore made and the wine bottles I bought from Hanneke that arrived last week.

The painting also came which is going to fit right into a theme I have in my mind about the person that lives in the dollhouse. I have to get started making a miniature pair of English riding boots. The leather for those came last week. I bought that on Etsy.

The Zinnias I made last month from kits.

Why is it when these things come in the mail do they always feel like gifts? I know I am going to get the bill for them. Yes...It is worth every penny!

CORRECTION posted... 05/30/10
I am delighted to be able to tell you that the sterling silver water pot was made by Obadiah Fisher. I have confirmed this.


  1. all looks lovely. I love the glasses.

    Whenever I send out flowers I make a point of wrapping the like I would a gift. I know people have paid me for them but I try and make them a bit more special if I can.

  2. Probably, because they are precious gifts. :)

    I have my eye on that same set of books.

    All of your new things look lovely. :)

  3. Everything on that dresser is outstanding! Now, do tell us about the tea-pot which is beyond gorgeous.

  4. I'm also going to get some books from Treefeathers at some point :) I love all the stuff but the TEAPOT - OMG! Where have you gotten it? Well, it really doesn't matter as I can imagine the price tag on it, out of my budget, sadly :)


  5. I know Jane books, I own some, and I drool on the keyboard for the glasses and decanter but the teapot......I could kill (well, sort of...) for it! Did you made it? I love it to bits!!! Rosanna

  6. Hi, I just discovered your blog, Catherine, love it!
    Very fine purchaces you have made. I know all about the gift thing, and some compagnies know that too, doing special wraps, adding surprises, little cards and so on!
    I looked very long at the bottles, I´ve been looking for good bottles too, where did you buy it?
    Love, Susanne

  7. Hello Catherine, I am a new follower (ponsxpons) congratulations for your blog is very beautiful, your little boks and wine glasses grate. Best wishes

  8. Wonderful little goodies! They do feel like gifts, don't they?!


  9. Everything is beautiful!!! I agree with you Catherine, it does feel like gifts. Maybe it's because when you order something that has to be shipped to you, you have to wait in anticipation to get them, and then they come all packaged up so you get to rip the wrapping off. :P

  10. I think it feels like Christmas when a package arrives, even when its something I have to do custom work on. :)

    Silly me! ;)

  11. You have quite a nice collection. I am enjoying your blog.

  12. Es muy bonito todo lo que ha recibido, me ha encantado el cuadro, los libros, los quiero mirar detenidamente, tengo en mente hacer muchos libros, Cualquier idea y me va bien.

  13. Thanks everyone for all the very nice comments about my new miniatures.


    Hanneke has been having trouble with her web site. I emailed her to order the wine bottles She emailed me back great photos of the ones she has so I could select the ones I wanted. I am sure if you order them you will love them.

    I am sorry I cannot tell you who made the sterling silver water teapot. It was a gift and has been in my collection for a long time.

  14. Hi Catherine thank you for your comment on La Casa Rossa. Yes, I'm preparing a petit point cover for the chair. It will be pale green too ;o) don't be envious, I'm still loosing my eyes on your metal works Best wishes Rosanna

  15. What a great post. I can imagine that you just forget the bill. The zinnias are very nicely made.

    Greetings, Roelie

  16. Que preciosidad!!!!!!!
    Me encanta todo, tu nuevo proyecto va a ser una maravilla.
    besitos ascension

  17. Ascension,

    Gracias. Traduzco siempre sus comentarios.

    Catherine X

  18. All messages received but did not publish to respect privacy. Yes, lets do it.

    Easy to reach me, use first and last name with no spaces and send to gmail.

  19. Got it! But you could have emailed me if you wanted to. :-)