Thursday, March 18, 2010

Open Your Mouth Here Comes The Airplane!


These are baby spoons I made in sterling silver. One is the British Hurricane and the other one is the P-51 D Mustang.

The planes were cast. The bowl of the spoons were formed from sheet (hand hammered over a spoon stake). The stems were hammered out of square stock I made. They have some file work on them to create a design.

I put them in a show I was in at the National Ornamental Metals Museum.
Much to my amazement, they sold the day after opening night to a Fed-Ex pilot. I still have a few to put together. I love the Messeschmitt, so that is the one I eat my cereal with in the morning


  1. Catherine, they're absolutely amazing - marvellously witty, and beautifully crafted!!
    Love 'em!!

  2. They would be THE perfect gift for a baby! Absolutely great! Can I ask you, how much do you charge for them?


  3. Thank you Glenda. :-)


    If I remember correctly the terms of use of Google said we could not use the site to sell things. So I better not say. Thank you for your kind words and interest.

  4. Absolutely beautiful spoons! Superb job!

  5. Amazing..I love them.

    I've seen similar but in chunky plastic and these are so much better.

    I love them...wish I knew a baby to buy one for.

  6. They are absolutely beauutiful! Oh, to have that for a baby's keepsake! Exquisite!


  7. Beautiful! Great idea for a baby spoon!

  8. Lovely spoons. I love P-51's, such a lovely sound they make, I enjoy seeing them at the NW airshows and the Museum of Flight. Tomorrow will by airplane day on my dollhouse building blog in honor of the last day of women in flight month. But of course I will also tie miniatures into the posting, the models for the stage set for the new opera Amelia.


  9. Thanks everyone!

    Karin, I thought about you when I posted this knowing your interest in planes.