Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Winner Is...

Congratulations Linda of Une Petite Folie!!! "Buttons" is a very lucky dog to be going to such a fine home.

I decided over a week ago I didn't want to do the drawing myself. I asked my neighbors (Mr. & Mrs. Evans) if they would do the honors. Mr. Evans stirred and stirred the little pieces of paper in the bowl this morning before he pulled one out.

Thank you all for participating. I appreciate all of your visits, kind words and contributions to my blog.


  1. Congratulation, Linda, and thank you so much, Catherine, for your generous and lovely giveaway! I'm loving Mr Evans, who makes a perfect official ... :)

  2. Yes, congratulations to Linda. And I second The Dangerous Mezzo's comment: is Mr. Evans for rent? I have a 100 follower giveaway coming up as well!

  3. Many Congratulations to Linda. Buttons will certainly be right at home at Une Petite Folie. xxx

  4. Linda is such a lucky person! But Buttons is just perfect little guy for her French houses, I'm sure that he'll be happy there :)


  5. Congratulations to Linda, Button will be a very good home.

  6. OOOOHHH! How exciting! We will all be able to see more of "Buttons" in his new home! Congratulations Linda!! I will eagerly await the new photos you will no doubt put on your blog once "Buttons" arrives!

  7. It is 2am in the morning....I have been making flowers & thought I would check my blog before I went to bed.....and look what I discovered!!!

    I am thrilled to excited!!!! I adore this little dog..(Buttons).. and I shall cherish owning such a fabulous little 'chap'.

    Thank you so very very much have set the bar soooo very high as far as 'give-aways' goes and to actually own a miniature item made by you is just a dream!!!

    I am so excited....I'm lost for words!!!

    Lol!....when I looked at the winners name and saw 'Linda Buttons'...I thought gosh that was close....(remember I did say it is 2am)...and then it regestered that it was ME!!!!!!

    Thank you again Catherine and please tell Mr Evans that I love him!

    Linda x....( one very happy lady!!!)
    p.s...yes, there are tears...

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  9. I am a bit 'sorry for giving up the nice company of Kilmouski but I'm happy that he found a house to live surrounded by love and beauty.
    Congratulations to Linda, heart, and thank Chaterine (and Mr. Evans!) for this give away beautiful and original :-)
    I made a grammatical error and I corrected (I hope!)

  10. Enhorabuena a la ganadora!!!
    Me hubiese encantado ganar tu perrito, pero otra vez sera
    besitos ascension

  11. Congratulations Linda!! What a wonderful surprise at 2am, lol. I'm sure buttons can't wait to see his new mommy in person.

  12. Lucky Linda - congratulations!!
    Thankyou Catherine for having such a lovely giveaway!

  13. Thanks for putting little "Buttons" up for adoption Catherine, I'm sure many people wanted to give him (her??) a loving home but having chatted with Linda about this little pooch when we met at the Sydney Fair I can tell you that she really really loves him so I know she will be very very happy today :) Now we all await the announcement of his arrival at La Petite Maison!

  14. Congratulations to Linda! And Mr. Evans is so cute!


  15. Just want to congratulate both Buttons and Linda :). Maybe she should be called Fifi since she's going to a French home :)

  16. Congratulations Linda ! and thank you for this chance of winning such a cute pet. Rosanna

  17. Congratulations Linda!
    Catherine, thanks for organizing this lovely giveaway.

  18. Congratulations to Linda, very lucky to get this lovely little dog .. damn, I already see him wagging his tail at my house .. patience will be to approximate the time! Catherine thanks for having provided us with a gift so beautiful ...
    I am desperate, I liked it so much ... SIGH!!! :(((

  19. Congratulations, to Linda. That is an adorable dog.

    How generous of you to offer such a nice giveaway. :)