Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Button's Has A New Brother

I have been working on another little Westie. I am not sure he is finished yet, I will have to take a few more photos before I decide. He hasn't got a name yet, I am not sure I will keep him.

More Stokesay Ware arrived today and I am once again thrilled with it. It is playing a part in the design for the kitchen.

I bought the plate of cheese, crackers and salami from Tiny Towne Hawaii. She had it on her web site on sale and I couldn't resist the price.

The box of Cornish Shortbread Cookies by Carol Cook I got on ETSY.

I have struggled with trying to resolve so many house design issues. I have come to the conclusion that I want a four sided house that opens from the front. I don't want to have to turn it around to see the inside. Plus I think an open one might be a bit too much for Kilmouski to resist. Then there are all the problems with dust, so it seems like the best choice for me. Every time I think I have things worked out something else occurs to me. Hopefully by next month all these problems will be worked out and I will be able to start building.

I have thirty days of Federal Jury Duty to serve. That is why I have not been posting. It will hopefully be over by the end of this month. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Catherine XXX


  1. Oh, he's so cute! Looks like he's about to have a yummy lunch - good thing he can't work that corkscrew (...or can he??)

  2. Oh, that little dog is adorable!!!!!!!!!

  3. Catherine!!!! Your little westie dog #2 looks absolutely perfect ("Kerrish", as Ernesto would say lol).
    You are going to have such an amazing dollhouse, you already have some of the most awesome miniatures to put in it!
    UGH!! Jury duty - that's a bummer. I hope it's at least a half-way exciting trial, lol.

  4. Catherine, He is so adorable! He just needs a little collar@ I would love to see what you come up with. The kitchen items are wonderful. I can see why you had to have the salami and cheese plate! It is perfect! What style house are you leaning toward? I am sure it will be fabulous!!!

  5. Your new pup has his eye on the salami, better watch out! You have so many lovely things I am sure your house will be amazing, take your time until you know just what you want to do.
    Jury duty, yuck, I have never been called, touch wood!

  6. Patty,

    I love so many things about half timbered cottages. I can't promise it will be authentically English or French. I like the French windows in Normandy houses but I want some English architecture as well. I also like wall paper, I don't think I can live with timbers in every room. It sounds like a crazy mixed up mess so far doesn't it.

  7. Catherine,la cara del perrito es adorable y tenga cuidado con el plato de salami creo que corre peligro.Espero que te sea leve tu trabajo como jurado,besos

  8. The new dog is absolutely lovely,what a lovely scene.Perfect like always !!! Hugs,Jeannette

  9. The Westie looks wonderful and all your shopping is so beautiful :) And a jury duty, fortunately we don't have a such a thing here in Finland :)

  10. The Westie is absolutely fantastic! The setting on the table too! Hope to see your house soon and of course keep my fingers crossed for you!

  11. One rarely sees the timber framing on the interior in an upper class house. They are typically wood paneled or plastered.

    There are two books I can recommend for appropriate looking interiors. These books feature upper class houses that are not palace fancy. Not a timber in sight on the interiors other than ceiling beams in a few of the rooms. These examples will work for English or French style interiors as long as the intended look is not Jacobean.

    "The French Country House" ISBN 086565234-1

    "Country Houses of France" ISBN 3-8228-7075-7

  12. Button's brother is absolutely charming, you're a very talented miniaturist!
    And the new plates are absolutely gorgeous. Well done on the sale cheese and salami platter!

  13. Oh I LOVE your little Westie!!!

    How lovley, he eyed the goodies on the table((-:
    You've captured a wonderful scene in miniature!
    The whole kitchen scene is just perfect!


  14. Catherine he is a cute one! It is so cool that you have all those new china. I am so jealous ;) Thank you for the book suggestion btw. I am going to order it as soon as possible.

  15. He is wonderful Catherine....Buttons will be thrilled to know he has a brother...lol!
    All your lovely new pieces look amazing, can't wait to see how you place them all.
    I took a 'mountain' of time deciding what & how to build the petite maison, for me front opening is the way to go, I would hate having to turn the house about each time I wanted to view it...plus they get a bit heavy and every thing goes for a slide....well mine does anyway.
    Enjoy the preparation of the new house, I love the planning stage.
    Linda x
    p.s.....parcle should be in the mail very soon, sorry!!! The real house is keeping me (very) busy!!!

  16. is lovely!! but... be careful with food!! he looks hungry....hugs

  17. The dog looks so cute and the table setting is absolutely great. Your house will be beautiful!
    Good luck on serving your 30 days.

  18. Catherine, love the new little pup. Westies are sooo very cute. Were I to do it over again (and I just may), I would choose a front opening house for all the reasons you listed and probably a few more.

    I have been summoned (yet again) for jury duty next week. Am praying they do not need me or that I can think of a reason neither lawyer would want me. This is terrible, I know, but I have a show in 2 weeks!


  19. El perro es una verdadera maravilla.
    La mesa con todos sus detalles, esta genial, enhorabuena!!
    besitos ascension

  20. He's a gorgeous little guy, Catherine.

    I love your new Stokesay -- I just ordered my first lot (only three plates) today! Woo hoo! That platter is something else.

    I really sympathise with you about trying to make design decisions. I find, myself, that they need to percolate, often quite some time, before I commit. Committing to one vision seems so sad, sometimes -- just think of all the other options I've discarded by deciding for THIS one!

    If you want a mixture of things, go right ahead. It's all fantasy, isn't it? These are tiny little models of something that appeals to us on such a deep level that we'll spend hours and hours and dollars and pounds (and euros and yen ...) on them. You might as well have what you want. I've just decided to have a kind of wallpaper in my W and M house that's not at all suitable for 1710 -- so what? I love it :)


  21. Hello Catherine, I'm happy to hear from you :-)
    The figure of the juror does not exist in Italy: it's very American movie!
    I like the little brother of Buttons, is a love ;-)
    Your new purchases for the kitchen are beautiful: the dishes are a dream!
    Approve the choice of front doors: the overview, I think, is better.
    I look forward to see your house :-)
    A hug, Flora

  22. Thank you everyone! I appreciate all of your lovely comments, support and suggestions.

  23. He is adorable!! i love it!!

    Your new goodies are perfect so beautiful!!


  24. Arh Stokesay Ware a favourite of mine, they were at Kensington and great to see it all out! :o))) Wonderful table setting, just the best!

    I've lost count how many designs etc I was going to have for this or that. The inglenook in Hogwarts has gone through loads and that's only one issue. I go with what looks best, what suits the house and sometimes what's easiest.

    I'd love a Westie a mini one and a real one! lol

    I prefer our UK type houses where they all open at the front. That way you have a back wall to display furniture, pictures, etc and the house is sealed in (and mini's stay safe too). I am in the process of trying to convert a US house (with an open back) to an open front...it's a nightmare vision, but it will be done!!!!! :o))

    Good luck with the jury service. :o)

    Michelle xx

  25. "Every time I think I have things worked out something else occurs to me." - Catherine, you're singing my song! - I'm pleased to know I'm not the only one afflicted with this condition :)

    The little Westie is cute, looks more like Button's twin than his brother.

    All your new aquisitions are fabulous. This is going to be an amazing house!

  26. Oh!! He's every bit as cute as the adorable little Buttons!


  27. Absolutely stunning - everything!

    I can sympathise with your dilemmas as well. My back opening plans have been changed to front opening which has necessitated so many other changes one can barely recognise the original plans! I love half timbering, but wallpaper as well, so decided to go for both - it is my house after all :D

  28. He is wonderful! Congratulatios! Yopur work is fabulous.

  29. What a precious little Westie, wonderful display! I was just looking at your knives on Betty's blog, they are fabulous, Jean♥

  30. What a gorgeous scene! I love your new dog, it is so cute. I like the way it looks at the table.