Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halls Clock

Jenny Halls told me in an email that she is Malcolm's biggest fan. As his wife I have to yield and give her that spot but I am absolutely his second biggest fan! She made me laugh so hard when she told me she goes into his work shop and pinches his clocks for her doll house. He knows exactly where they went and goes and gets them when an order arrives. LOL

His beautiful clock came in yesterdays mail. It was too late for me to call them in England from the USA. Malcolm answered the phone this morning. I called to let him know the clock arrived safely and ask some questions. I wanted to know how to care for the clock, take the back off to set the time and change the battery.

We had a nice long chat. He told me he engraves all the metal parts (clock face, decorative panels). He also makes the hands and the articulating handle at the top. OMG!!! The wood is burl walnut and it is simply beautiful! I am afraid my photos don't do it justice at all.

Nothing in miniature I have ever bought has impressed or thrilled me as much.


  1. Can I be the third fan of Malcolm?
    This watch is great, but here we are on a planet completely different: here we are in the pure art!
    Blessed you, that you can see up close and have a gem like that ...
    I understand why you wanted to share it :-)

  2. Catherine, What a stunning piece! I have always been partial to Walnut burl! I drool over vintage pieces made from it! I am so curious about your photo shoot. Do you have a three sided room box that you take your photo's in? You say you are going to make a dollhouse and all of your pictures look like they are already in a fabulous one!!! Just a prying mini voyeur here....LOL.....dying of curiosity.

  3. Patty,
    I can't seem to make up my mind about a house. It is really driving me crazy!!! I am a very careful planner. Perhaps too careful.
    This photo set up is not in a room box it is all contrived for the moment.
    The kitchen shots are in a shallow shadow box.

  4. I LOVE the clock and was going to ask you in an email whether you'd bought one of Halls'! It's magnificent and a joy...a wonderful mini indeedy!

    Patty has asked a question I was curious about too....I was imagining you had a huge Victorian House full of all these wonderful mini's you show us! :o)) YOU must acquire one. :o))

    Michelle xxx

  5. It's gorgeous, and OMG it actually works??!!! I want!! What a treasure! I'm going to check out this site right now. :D

  6. @o@
    A working piece...(phew)
    Thanks for the link, Catherine.
    I am on the way enjoying his works now. ;o)


  7. It is absolutely brilliant clock!And this must be great to have actually working clock in a dollhouse!:)

  8. It really is stunning - an heirloom piece. :-)

  9. I'm impressed, I've never seen such a beautifully detailed clock! And it looks perfect on that counter!

  10. Une très belle pièce , j'adore .

  11. you are sooooooooooooo luck, Hall's clocks are on the top of my wish list.....

  12. IT IS BEAUTIFUL !!!!!! it's incredible, I'll go to his link now! thank you for sharing!Rosanna

  13. El relog está soberbio
    Un abrazo

  14. I would love one too, they are fabulous. I might save my pennies and buy one, someday. Lovely photos.

  15. That clock floored me! It's amazing.

  16. I can not believe it! is a miniature? and it really works?? sir! incredible! I think this is really the first and only piece of a thumbnail that I was really shocked!
    you've made your fortune to buy it!

  17. That working clock is gorgeous!!! All his clocks are brilliant!

  18. This hall clock is a real treasure.

  19. From: Linda Carswell.

    Yes...OMG!!! What a treasure it is Catherine, soooooo beautiful!
    It is 6am in Genova....I'm in the foyer using the hotels computer and checking in on blog land before we depart this morning!

    Linda x