Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Chandelier For The Kitchen

For so long I've had this chandelier I made stored in a box. Today I had some time to play and I just wanted to see what it would look like up.

Usually after I make something I decide I would rather have something else instead... One step forward two steps back. (?) Now that I see it hanging with some of the other things that will be in the kitchen, I know I will use it.

It is going to be a bit of a pain to get it positioned so that the arms are at the right angle. I didn't bother with trying to get it to do that today.

I plan to spend all this week designing a house... It is waaaaay past time.


  1. WOW!! I love looks like the real thing!! Once again, you have blown me away by what you can do............


  2. It looks fabulous! You have so many neat pieces for your kitchen. Where did you ever find that glass pitcher?

  3. Lataina,

    My friend Frank Whittemore blew that glass and I made the sterling silver pour spout for it. We made several metal and glass pieces together.

  4. Catherine, fancy storing such a beautiful piece away in a box!!! I am so excited you have found it and are showing it to is wonderful! I do hope you have your hands!!!
    I look forward to hearing about your house project.....can't wait!
    Linda x

    p.s....what an exciting day, I just recieved a phone call from SANDI !!!!

  5. Catherine, The chandelier is stunning and looks really good in the kitchen! I am so excited to hear that you are going to design your house and can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. Looking forward to hearing about the design. Feel free to bounce off Don and me for a critique if you wish. Don is a master of proportional design and I have dozens of reference books for the style you like.

  7. You're just like a lobster!
    One step forward and two steps back :-)
    The chandelier seems perfect, but certainly you will be able to improve it further!
    Wait and see :-)
    Please let me have your address I would like to find the courage to send you something...
    Mini hugs, Flora

  8. The chandelier is perfect, and I think it looks nice in your kitchen!
    I can't wait to see the project of your new dollshouse too :)
    Mini hugs,

  9. Looking forward to seeing your design for the House. xxx

  10. The candelier is really great,I wish it would be mine :-)!!!So now I'm too curious to see your dollhouse !Hugs,Jeannette

  11. I think it goes perfectly with the rest of your kitchen.
    And a whole house made/styled by Catherine? Yes please, bring it on!

  12. Needless to say it's fabulous. Something to dream of. I'll show it immediately to my Dad, he is another great fan of your work. Minihugs Rosanna

  13. The fixture is stunning! And it compliments the stove so well. I can't wait to see your house design!

  14. It is just FAB!! Love the chandelier!How could you keep it away for so long?;D Beautiful work!