Monday, January 10, 2011

A White World

It is a rare occurrence in my city for us get anything like this. We can go years without seeing any snow at all. Here are a few pictures of my house and garden this morning. I will be staying home (working on a cat sculpt)! No one in this city knows how to drive in it.

I guess the landscapers won't be here today to plant the other trees I bought for the front of my house. LOL


  1. Wow! That is a lot of looks beautiful! Where's your snow!

    Can't wait to see the cat.

    Linda x

    p.s...the worlds gone a little crazy, the floods here in Australai have turned really savage!!! (No floods where I live!)

  2. looks beautiful!! You seriously need to make a snowman if you have all that snow!!

  3. YES! I have been reading about that. It is just tragic! I have a friend in Queensland. Her daughter lives in Toowoomba. I read about that town being destroyed this morning. OMG it is so awful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a lot of snow!!! Your house and garden look beautiful!
    We had 50 cm last year and this winter the south of the Netherlands was covered with 40 cm snow. If you're going to drive through the very slowly ;-) may I ask where you live?
    The floods in Australia are just terrible!!!

  5. Pretty, clean and quiet:) That's nice!:) We had had a lot of snow and now it started to melt - somehow it is not that pretty anymore ;D

  6. I love the snow photo's they look wonderful and so peaceful too! You have had a lot considering it rarely happens in your area, I know you said that it had been cold, well it has far more than usual. :o)

    Keep warm!
    Michelle xx

  7. Catherine, What a beautiful site but I am shivering looking at the pics! Especially your back garden!! I remember the photo you share a few months ago with all of the wonderful flowers blooming!!!

  8. Yeh,WOW! this is wonderful to see,I love snow.
    But I understand it's not always easy to go tro it. walking or with your car etc..

  9. Catherine....Can you believe that 2 years ago Queensland had such a severe drought that cars were not allowed to be washed and your morning shower was timed. People used to report people to the police if they were seen wasting water....and now this. I have been to a lot of these Qld. homes and find it all impossible to believe.
    What makes this all the more worse is that it is STILL RAINING!!!!

  10. I love your house :-)
    The snow makes it even more warm and welcoming, even if it seems a joke :-)
    I love the color of the front door :-)
    Mini hugs :-)

  11. Flora,

    Thank you! That is not my front door though. LOL I have five doors to go outside that is just one on the side of my house. The front door is a different color. ;-)

  12. The snow looks so beautiful around your house Catherine. I had a giggle when you said you were staying home as nobody in your town knows how to drive in the snow. I imagined everyone in America knew how! It would be the same here, there would be absolute chaos if everyone tried to drive if it happened to snow. But that's not very likely. I noticed Linda's comment about the water restrictions in Queensland, we have had them for around 10 years in this area. Everyone's front garden virtually dies off in summer as you cannot use water at all on the garden!#@ Some people have installed water tanks just so they can water their gardens but there isn't one where we are living. I do sneek some on the back garden though, ssssshhhh!
    Hope you have a nice quiet day making minis!

  13. Brrr, Catherine, it looks like outside MY door this morning, but I live in New England where snow is EXPECTED and we have had hardly any so far this winter! Stay home and play! - it's what I always WISH I could do, but around here you are expected to go to work unless it is 8 inches deep and still snowing! Or Icing!
    Be safe!
    Those pictures of your garden DO make it look so magical.... the ONE blessing about snow....

  14. Waouh ! Just amazing regarding the place you live !

  15. :-D
    Where I come from we live in cans of tuna and we have only one door...
    Sorry :-D

  16. Wonderful pictures from a wonderful house!
    I love snow, but in Cologne it is still raining today and all the snow is gone)-:

    Wish you a homey day (-:

  17. You've got a beautiful house and the garden looks gorgeous with all that snow!