Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Wee Band-Aid

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself because I missed the show this year in Chicago. There were so many people going I wanted to see too. So, I decided to put a band-aid on it.

I bought three of Scott Hughes fixtures last year at the show. I just love them. I telephoned Scott before he left for Chicago and told him I wasn't able to go and wondered if he would send me a photo of a couple of fixtures. I bought a lamp but when it arrived yesterday it was too big. :-( So today I asked him what he had in that aged patina I love. This is the chandelier I bought from him. I am soooo excited.

Scott doesn't have a web site or a catalog. He only does one show a year. In my mind that makes his work all the more special.


  1. Can't believe it is a mini !!!

  2. I thought that was the whole idea. ;-)

    The thing I love knowing about his patina is that it isn't paint or some other faux color. He has used real patinas to age the brass. More important to a metalsmith perhaps than someone else. lol

  3. It looks so real and so naturally aged! A truly wonderful mini and I'd be chuffed to bits and pieces. It must make up (somewhat) for not being able to attend the fair? ;o))

    I love if an artisan has a website! lol Because I'm unable to attend most fairs it makes artisan's work a little more accessible rather than out of bounds. :o(

    Michelle xx

  4. Once upon a time Scott came to the miniature show in Seattle. I had a piece on display and got a commission to recreate a custom version. I told the customer I would do the project if she went over to Scott's table and bought the lights for the project. That way I was able to create the dimensions of the project to fit the lights.

    That should tell you exactly how much I value the quality of his work.

  5. Love it, Love it Love it!!!!

    Such beautiful work, it will go perfectly with your other items....I adore the style and size of your band aids...lol!!!

    I so agree with your comment about miniaturists that only sell at fairs, it makes their work a little more special, plus I love the 'thrill of the chase'....lol!

    Enjoy your day Catherine x

  6. oo its fabulous!!! :D Linda x

  7. Scott's things are amazing! I have 2 small lamps from ages ago...and I love them to death.
    Long cold winters up in Cable. At least he has email!

  8. What a gorgeous piece! I like it too. Hope I will have opportunity for the next one.

  9. All better now? ;) That is a gorgeous lamp! I have a few bronze lamps ouside on my 1:1 house, and the patina is exactly the same! I can understand you love to know the patina is real and can be applied succesfully to a miniature item.

    I am fairly sure I met Scott at the Philadelphia Miniaturia in 2009. A very nice man who I enjoyed talking to. I loved most of his lamps and chandeliers, but none of them were right for the house I was working on. In hindsight maybe I should have bought one of his more quirky lights which I liked so much. Oh well...

  10. He does some very quirky pieces. They are really fun but not something I would want in the house I have in mind.

    A friend told me he has gotten into a bit of Steampunk too... I wish I could see those pieces!!!!

  11. Catherine, That light is amazing. I really love the blown glass shades! The patina on this chandelier is so perfect. I am so excited to see what sort of house you do end up with someday. It will be incredible!

  12. Carol...The only reason I could justify this purchase is because I sold two of my 1: 12 West Highland terriers. That allowed me a bit of mad money.