Monday, May 16, 2011

Beautiful Miniature Books

A wonderful surprise! Flora made me some beautiful 1: 12 scale books.

Obviously the people that live here have a special interest in dollhouses. They own a Georgian townhouse, so they will fit right into their library.

Thank you so very much Flora. These are all my favorite titles in 1: 1 scale. They are a wonderful addition to my collection. I am thrilled to have them.

Do have a look in Flora's Etsy Shop.

Catherine XXX


  1. It was a beautiful and very thoughtful gift from Flora....they look perfect in that little scene you created.

  2. The books are so wonderful Catherine! I realized looking at them that I own most of them in RL too. I am a sucker for dollhouse books and love looking through them and daydreaming! Flora was so sweet to send them to you.

  3. Oh I love mini books! These are fabulous, and you are so lucky.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. How amazing I found the same tea pot you and your grandmother shared! I actually saw this tea pot there for a few weeks, but it was so dirty, I was afraid it was not in good shape. But today I took a chance, and it really cleaned up well. I can't wait to use it.
    How wonderful for you that you have memories of drinking tea with your grandmother and still have the tea pot!
    Martha e-mailed me and told me it was "Red ware Teapot, Brown Glaze, Made in Japan, Moriage Decor"

  4. The books are great, and I agree that Flora is one amazing woman as well as an amazing miniaturist and she has a special knack with the written word as well. It'll be great to have the books in your mini library, and special to know they were made with tenderness.

  5. Flora makes pretty books:) Lucky you Catherine:)

  6. I feel a great big thrill in seeing my modest work alongside other items that I love so much to see on your blog ... I am really happy that my books can enrich, though very very modestly, your beautiful collection. Happiness comes from the fact that making a gift to a friend means you feel closer even if he is away, as in our case :-)
    Soon I will start on my blog the review of each book in my possession, with photos and descriptions of the content, so also give suggestions to those who want to buy them on a scale of 1 / 1

  7. You are right : Flora did wonderful miniature books.
    Don't you need a library now ?

  8. I confess I deleted a comment I made here last night bout Flora. I thought It might embarrass her.

    In short... It said I thought she was one of the sweetest people I have met in blogland.


    I thought a nice little library in each bedroom in the cottage would be nice. I was thinking about some 'built in' shelves in the wall.

  9. These are lovely! How very fortunate you are! Flora is very talented! :-)

  10. What a beautiful gift ! The Flora's books are so lovely !

  11. How fabulous are these, I just love them and oh so perfect too! I had no idea that Flora had an Etsy shop too!!!! Thanks for the link. :o))

    Michelle xx