Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's A Mystery! Happy Mothers Day

It appears someone is planning a special Mothers Day treat for Mum.

I have just cast eight place settings of the Chrysnbon flatware kits in fine silver .999 as apposed to sterling silver .925 Hopefully I won't be polishing these very often because the silver content is so high. I thought the silver would look much nicer with all the blue Stoksay Ware I have collected.

Every year on Mothers Day since I have had Kilmouski, a gift has arrived in the mail. Today these gorgeous hand made soaps scented with English roses. There is always a card signed Happy Mothers Day...Kilmouski.

I have no idea who's credit card he is using but it isn't mine!!! It is a real mystery!!! Thank you Kilmouski!

Happy Mothers Day Everyone!


  1. What a clever fellow he is, eh?

    The tray is just too precious for words. I think you always do a marvelous job of "arranging" things. Another delight for the eyes!

    Hope you don't mind but I often save these sweet "vignettes" in a folder I call "pretty stuff to look at".

  2. Thank you Tabitha. No, I don't mind a bit. I am very flattered.

  3. You always make such wonderful scenes! It makes me want to come for tea! lol ;o)) One day my Edwardian House will be day! lol

    You are such a clever thing to cast your own silverware! ;o))

    The soaps are divine, love the Lily of the Valley sculpted on them too. Very pretty indeed.

    Michelle xx

  4. Love Kilmouski for what he does every year!:D The scene is superb and as usual I admire your talent Catherine:)

  5. What a nice mystery, that make a lovely story too, and the soaps look so sweet.
    And the mother day scene is so beautiful.

  6. A wonderful scene and the silverware is absolutely great. The soaps are only lovely !Happy Mothers Day :-) Jeannette

  7. Thats sweet. And a beautiful scene.

  8. the three soaps are wonderful, I hope you do not use them for washing, but only to scent linen drawers inside ...!! This tea is delicious! many congratulations and good Mother's Day!
    .... ehm .. WHO IS, Kilmouski?

  9. What a precious scene you have created--I love looking at it! Where do you find Blue Willow dishes (the platter on the back wall) in 1/12 miniature? Love it!

  10. Hi Plush,

    This is where you can find the Blue Willow and so many other beautiful pieces.


    Kilmouski is my cat... I have a photo of him in here several pages back.

  11. Catherine, Happy Mother's Day to you too! Looks like you have been spoiled with the gift! I LOVE your sterling set! I hope you cast at least a service for six!!! They came out stunning!

  12. Patty I cast eight sets. I don't want to have to do it again. I had already cast them in gold but I didn't like the look with the blue dishes.

  13. Your setting is perfect Catherine and the cutlery.....well, words excape me...!

    Linda x

  14. What a lucky mom you are !
    Such a delicate and sophisticated breakfast tray.
    Just perfect ... as usual !

  15. What a wonderfull mystery. Your scenes are allways so beautiful. Happy Mother´s Day.
    With love Kati

    Welcome to visit my new blog too.

  16. What a beautiful breakfast tray and the cutlery is amazing. Enjoy the soap i bet they smell as beautiful as they look .:) Lol great cat you have mine dont send me anything :D

  17. What an exciting mothersday mistery! :D

    I think the little scenery you made with your stokesay and the silverware is so sophisticated and delicate looking. And you've casted the cutlery!? It's all so very impressive!

    The soap also looks delightfull! Almost to pretty to wash with

  18. Anneke,

    Presuming you understand lost wax casting... Wax is not the only think that will burn out of casting investment. Other materials will burn out clean too. The test I use to tell me if it will work is... I take a piece of the material I want to cast and on a clean surface I burn it up with my torch. If there is nothing left then I know it is a casting friendly material. not all styrene's are friendly, Some of them will not burn out clean.

  19. I love so much the fine sliver cutlery set you cast, Catherine!! It drives me crazy!
    I hope you have passed a very good day! Happy Mother’s Day!!
    Peiwen xxx

  20. Your cutlery is awesome beyond words Catherine, and I like your forward thinking as to not having to polish them too often :)

    Do you think Kilmouski may have a secret job somewhere in the neighbourhood as a mouse catcher? They probably pay in cash and he's hoarding it especially to buy you treats. It's a wonderful mystery to have.

    I had a great Mother's Day with my family PLUS I got a surprise gift (we're not 'big' on presents at Mother's/Father's Day as a rule) - a Dremel!! I hope I still have 10 fingers this time next year ...

  21. For many years every Mother's Day my friend "D" would leave his friend a new rose bush from her two dogs. I don't think she ever figured out who was doing it. He would sneak over there in the wee hours of the morning. This is the first year without her dogs but she has a yard full of beautiful rose bushes to remember them by.
    Have to sign Anonymous this time so as not to spoil things.

  22. Norma,

    The Kilmouski family were the official mousers for the Czars of Russia (see earlier post "Who Is Kilmouski'). So it is very possible he carries on with family tradition while I am asleep. ;-)

  23. Everything is looking just so perfect. You are so very clever to be able to make cutlery like that. I love those roses! They're so gorgeous.

  24. Ohhhh Catherine, that breakfast tray is absolute beautiful!!!!! I LOVE it.
    The soaps are also wonderful!
    Happy you (-:

  25. Catherine, Thank you for replying to my message about where to buy the mini blue willow, but there is no link. Feel free to email me directly, if you wouldn't mind sending me the link. I've looked for this post a number of times, but for some bizarre reason, I couldn't find it until today. My email: pdxjbear (at) (replace (at) w/ @). Thank you so much! :-)

  26. Hi Catherine! I was has been a year and a half since you cast the cutlery, does it tarnish less than .995? ~Josje~