Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank You Sandi!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sure everyone of you have within your collection what you could define as your five star pieces. They maybe things you paid dearly for, made yourself or someone made for you.

I have a few of those five star pieces I adore. All of them are things made for me by friends. Things that can never be replaced. Now I can add these lovely petit point pieces to that category. They were made for me by Sandi. Who's work I am sure you have admired many times on Linda's blog and in Mercedes blog

Sandi works on 60 count silk gauze. That is 3, 600 stitches to the square inch! It has to be stitched with silk sewing thread. Embroidery floss is much too heavy to stitch on 60 count gauze. I am thrilled beyond words to have received these lovely, lovely pieces from her. They are really astonishing!!! Sandi also made another piece that I can stitch on my 1: 12 scale embroidery frame (not pictured yet).

This is a gorgeous tea cozy Sandi designed to compliment my Stoksay Ware.

A gorgous sampler!!!

Sandi has a blog... With no entries to date. I hope that you will let her know in your comments here how much you would enjoy seeing more of her incredible work. I happen to know she has just finished the most beautiful petit point rug for her own collection. I have never seen anything so fine.

I am just in awe of your beautiful work Sandi. I will take good care and treasure these forever! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I have always loved Sandi's work whe I saw it,I'd truly love to see more of her works. Congrats to you, they are wonderful pieces, Rosanna

  2. These are really outstanding pieces !Sandy has the style that the piece looks a bit like antique and that's really lovely.The cozy fits perfect to the Stokesay Ware .You really can be glad to have these breathtaking pieces! Jeannette

  3. Sandi's work is amazing....I know with the pieces that I own, the texture of the needle work is sooo fine and soooo perfect. The items she made for you are a delight (yes, a 5 star!)...fabulous items for your fabulous collection.
    A BIG congratulations to Sandi and I cannot wait for photos on her blog!!
    Such wonderful pieces to cherish!!
    Linda x

  4. Catherine, What incredible treasures to own!!!! I love the tea cozy and how perfect it is with your blue and white dishes!!! The sampler is fab!!! I love your photos! Everything looks gorgeous!!!!

  5. Oh this needlepoint is superb!! The colours are perfect! Makes me want to hand in my needle, I'll never be this good!! :D

  6. Es usted afortunada, por que realmente son unas piezas preciosas.
    Es un trabajo increíble!

  7. fabulous!!! i'd love to see more on her blog...hurry up and post pictures Sandi!!! :D Linda x

  8. Firstly I love the idea of a 5 star piece, know exactly what you mean. Secondly I agree Sandi should share her work on her blog and thirdly I LOVE the tea cosy with the blue & white china and pink roses, a beautiful combination. Jackie

  9. Truly delightful, love to see more incredible pieces, where can I find Sandi's blog?

  10. I love Sandi's work! The pieces you have are beautiful. I have done miniature embroidery but never anything as fine as 60 count. That is incredible. Judith x

  11. I have joined Sandi's blog so I will know as soon as she makes her first post. When she does you can be sure there will be a post about it here!!!

    She designs a lot of the pieces she stitches That just boggles my mind. And there are 50 different colors in the sampler she made for me.

    Before I got to know Sandi I was a huge admirer of her work. I used to go into Linda's blog and just stare at the pillows and the tea cozy she made. I still go back to look at them.

    Come on Sandi... We all want to see your first post. ;-)

  12. Through your blog I discover the most talented persons and learned the genius of art: I can not thank you enough for this!
    I love these magnificent works: the images of such treasures for me represent the agony and the ecstasy :-)
    You can open a museum one day :-)
    I also hope that Sandi will soon write his first post :-)
    Mini hugs, dear friend

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  14. Alessandra... Please forgive me. I accidentally removed your comment when I was trying to remove the first comment ever made on my blog by a crazy person!

    You are, as you hopefully know... Always more then welcome here!!!!!!!!!!!!!