Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Repaired the...Link & My First House (never finished)

I thought some of you might enjoy seeing this.

I am so sorry! I have fixed the link and you should have no trouble clicking on it now.

Loooooooong ago....I bought the first house pictured here Pat & Noel Thomas sold as a kit. It arrived already put together (ready to finish) in a huge box from Seaview, Washington. Sadly...It still looks just as it did the day arrived and is sitting in my garage.


  1. can we see a pic? why are you going to delete the post in a few days? i wish i had one of those houses

  2. Your link doesn't seem to work for me, Catherine. Too bad you've not finished your house. I know it is quite large (which is often the problem) but it would be just the place to dislay all the beautiful things you've been collecting.

  3. This house is stunning. I love it. But I do understand the thing with not finishing it. I have a much smaller dollhouse than this and it isn't finished yet... for 14 years.
    The link has the .com missing. That's why it doesn't work.

  4. Lucky you, to have a house from the Thomas' - even unfinished! and lucky you for having a garage large enough to hold it. The Thomas' are pretty much retired from miniatures now, but their blog is wonderful reading.

  5. The house is beautiful! What a shame you never did anything with it - though I do understand. I think, even empty, I'd have it inside my house though as it's so stunning!

  6. Thank you, Catherine, for the precious link, I did not know yet ...
    You are an endless source of study for me :-)
    I do not want to investigate the reasons that led you to relegate to the garage the wonderful doll's house - I am the queen of unfinished projects! - But of course I hope, like the others, one day you tell us how it went ...
    I'm really sorry that you still can not read my blog and write comments: I repeat that it is perhaps a problem of browser, and you groped to change it, if you have not done ... Since I installed Firefox, everything started to work pretty well ... Otherwise I've heard good things about Google Chrome.
    I hope to have news from you soon, meanwhile I wish you a happy mid-August.
    Mini hugs my friend,

  7. I would and could finish this house now. I have the tools and the space to do it.

    When I bought it I lived in an apartment and I was still in under graduate school. I don't know what I was thinking at the time. When it arrived I wasn't expecting it to be so BIG!!! I think I just wanted a Pat and Noel Thomas house and thought I had better buy it because I knew they were not going to make many of them.

    Now I really would rather have a smaller house and a different style. This one could be really beautiful though.

  8. Catherine, thank you for the link: I read through it like a novel.
    The houses they did....they are more the beautiful, they are unbelievable! and their tricks for aging. I laughed so hard at the smoking tips.Your house is such an incredible masterpiece. Take your time, we can wait another decade but, please, fill it with your pieces. It'd be more than worth of a museum.
    Have a nice day, Rosanna

  9. Dear friend, I just decided that from today, I will write my posts even in English, so there will be more problems :-)
    I feel very cosmopolitan, at this time :-)
    I have already updated the latest.
    Now insert the translation even in the previous two or three ....
    As for the house ... I imagined a similar reason.
    Moreover, the same thing happens to me: when I received the kit of the new house, last month, I was shocked by the size (see it written on paper, is not the same thing!).
    My husband says that, for evil that goes, if there is no room in our apartment, I can always go to live in Georgian house!

  10. OK after a couple of emails... I won't delete this post.

    On the link... There is some great reading about all sorts of How To's in the right column. I found what I thought was valuable building information.

  11. What an AMAZING house! But I CAN understand not finishing it.... the architectural perfection of it would be Daunting....let alone the size! But you must either exhibit it or something.... the Garage is wasted on it!
    I am glad you included the link... I was not aware of their work and have enjoyed reading their blog!

  12. I am not concerned about getting the architectural details correct. Nor the million pieces of wood cut and fitted. I just don't want something that big or in that style. Maybe one day I will sell it unfinished or finish it and sell it.

    What ever the case I only want one house and when the day comes for me to down size my real home I want to be sure I will have space for what ever house I do build. In other words... YES.... I will be taking it to assisted living old peoples home with me. LOL Granted that is a long way off yet. ;-)

  13. Certainly a beautiful house, Catherine! But, I see your point. If you're only going to be doing one house, it might as well be the house of your dreams. That way, you can put your heart and soul in everything you do for it.

  14. You will have no trouble finding buyers for it when you are ready to sell. ;-)

  15. Ditto what Karin Corbin said. You made a good investment there. It could pay for assisted living--LOL! ;-)

  16. Catherine, I'm so glad I found your blog! You have a lot of beautiful miniatures =)
    The house is amazing, so big!
    Hugs! :)

  17. Hi Catherine,the house is just stunning.But if this one is not your dream house,you should sell it.It won't be a problem,because it is an artist piece.
    All my fingers are crossed on Monday and I'm thinking of you,hope everything will goes well .Hear from you soon ;-) ! Hugs,Jeannette

  18. Oh my goodness, that's a big house alright! It practically demands a room of it's own.

    Thanks for sharing that link, it's a very interesting site to visit, I love their basements - all that grime and so on really appeals to me.