Tuesday, November 8, 2011

500 Followers, WOW!!! Thank You!

My friend Linda Master http://miraclechicken.blogspot.com/ sent me a tiny cat she carved out of wood and painted for me. It is too small to be a 'live' miniature cat, it is meant to be decorative. She tells me, it is not a portrait of Kilmouski because she would need several photos to accomplish an exact likeness. I am sure if any one could do it Linda could. To appreciate it fully, you would have to see how she has painted the face and the eyes. I wish I could do it justice in a photo. Thank you so much Linda. You already know I love it.

The sterling silver tankards were made by using the roll printing process I discussed in a previous post about metal work.

Have you ever gone out to buy something VERY simple (a product) you needed to finish a project and come home empty handed? It drives me insane!!! I should have just gone ahead and ordered it online but I am so tired of paying for shipping. Especially when those charges are more than the item I want.

A half of a tank of gas and eight stores later I came home and ordered online. If I had been able to get what I needed, I would have posted a picture of the finished exterior lantern today also.


  1. A perfect collection of miniatures Catherine. I adore the cat, Linda has made a perfect job of the cat.....gorgeous!!!!
    I will not start to address the subject of trying to find miniature products.....it is far too frustrating at this end of the world....everything must be bought via mail order, and that can also be most unsuccessfull!!!
    Linda x

  2. The little cat is so pretty!
    I am not surprised you have 501 Followers, after all who wouldn't like to see your outstanding miniatures, Catherine?
    As for ordering on line, well.... there are no miniatures (and not miniatures;)) shops at all over here....;)

  3. How amazing to have these original decorative items! A wonderful gift! And I love your silver mugs!!!

  4. ALL I wanted was a spray can of Clear Acrylic Matte Sealant. Some matte sprays also have laquer in them. Which I can't use.

    BTW... I would have to drive 230 miles to go to a miniature shop.

  5. A wonderful gift in a perfect setting. Delightful.

  6. wow thank you Catherine, for blogging the kitty. Your scene and tankards are fabulous! Very inspiring---

  7. Catherine, do not think that in Italy it's better , we only find art supplies, not always, but nearly everything mini related must be bought on line.
    At this moment I'm struggling for a handful of doors...and I do not find them.
    Congrats on your followers ,we all love your work and you deserve them

  8. The cat is beautiful Linda! I am so sorry I am not a better photographer! I would love to be able to show how finely painted he is. I can't get over it!!!

  9. Your cat is beautiful what a wonderful gift. Your silver cup is lovely. Congratulations on 501 followers.
    Hugs Maria

  10. the cat is very nice, but my eyes are much attracted by the two pitchers, I would love to have these in my cabin! I have two, too, but pewter, and no beautiful as yours :((
    matte finish spray, you find in art shops, not miniatures .. perhaps for this reason, you have not found it? :))

  11. Félicitation pour vos 500 membres . Votre travail est magnifique . Ce chat est une petite merveille . Il a trouvé sa place .

  12. Felicidades por sus 502 seguidores, su trabajo de orfebrería es maravilloso y usted se lo merece.
    Entiendo cuando dice que es desesperante encontrar materiales para nuestras miniaturas, aunque yo vivo en una gran ciudad, también me ocurre.
    El gato es una preciosidad!!!

  13. The kitten is a lovely gift. I loved all items shown in this scene. Too bad you do not find what you need in stores. It's really frustrating to pay more for shipping than the merchandise ... Good luck to the next purchase. ;)

  14. These items are beautiful. I love cats and this cat is perfect.
    Bye Faby

  15. The cat is perfection! I love it! It must feel nice and special to receive such a beautifull and thoughtfull gift.

    I totally understand your frustration! I get that a lot myself! Shippingcost inside the Netherlands is sometimes more expensive than shipping in from another country! And even then.. Just this week I was searching for feathers... just simple feathers! I could simply not find them in any store in the whole city! It happens so often I could write a book about these sort of things! XD

  16. What a wonderful gift, the cat is such perfect!
    I love the whole scene, so beautiful!

  17. I'll give you lots of compliments for your 500 readers (which I am pleased to be part) who are undoubtedly the most beautiful experience related to the blog :-)
    If we start talking about shipping costs, we risk making night!
    Lately, at my house came only a customs declaration that is detached from the package, so I paid for the item, I paid the shipping costs, and someone else is enjoying my necklace of pearls :-(
    Mini hugs,

  18. j'adore la sculpture du chat , très bel élément de décoration et je suis scotchée par les tasses en argent !

  19. Beautiful little sculpture! And I love the tankards too.
    Yes I find the shipping charges sometimes hold me back from ordering things online, especially when you only need one item from that store! But I must say I am glad there is the possibility to buy things online nowadays. So many things would otherwise not be available to me.

  20. Catherine, CONGRATULATIONS on all of the followers! I am sure it will double before you know it. Your blog is a pleasure to visit. I LOVE the cat that Linda has made! She is an incredible artist and amazing how she can carve such tiny intricate things!!! Your tankards are really great. Love them!!

  21. The cat is absolutely stunning, Catherine. I'm with you one hundred percent when it comes to buying on line. But, what choice do we have? We can't make everything. I think I'm going to start adding up what I pay out for shipping and handling just out of curiosity. We had one miniature store in Ottawa but it closed down about fifteen years ago. I don't know if we will be getting another one. I want to add that I love your little vignette of beautiful objects. That little cat's face is just so endearing!

  22. that is a beautiful cat indeed! and those tankards...*swoons* i absolutely love the clock as well :O the only miniature store we have here has since closed, she was the only one that carried a handful of accurately scaled 1:12 minis too :( now i get everything online!