Thursday, November 17, 2011

Transformer Coming For The LED Lights

The string of 26 warm white LEDs I ordered from Evan Designs has arrived. http:/// I know I am going to love these because the wires and chips can be well hidden in the branches of the Christmas tree. The only time they will really be visible is when they are turned on. I was also very happy with the strength of the emitting light. Considering they are all going to be on a small tree.

Before I ordered I phoned and spoke to Dave. I wanted to ask him about a transformer for them. GOOD NEWS!!! He told me that he had that issue sorted out with a 3 volt transformer and would have them in stock in a couple of weeks!!!! He said he would email me when he got them in and that this transformer would not get warm where it is plugged into the wall. This is great because I don't want to be using up so many batteries to have the lights on every day for a couple of weeks for Christmas.

I am very glad I chose these. Plus I can think of several other ways to use these chip lights. You can also get a string of 12 LEDs from him.


  1. I bought my LED's from them, great company all round! The lights are perfect and I can't wait to see them on the tree! :o)))

    Michelle xx

  2. Ah, that is good news! A small transformer is much better than batteries in this case.
    The lights do look very nice, so small!

  3. I can't wait to see the results! Now that you're having fun with LEDs, how about one in a little nut house???

  4. Oh Catherine....they appear to be perfect. I cannot wait now to see the tree decorated. I know that you have the pencil there for perspective, but it is still hard to imagine how tiny each little globe must be. You always manage to track down the 'perfect' items for each miniature project!!!!

    Linda x

  5. Carol, I loved making the nut houses but they have been in a box ever since I made them. :-( Maybe if I do one as you suggested with a LED light I will make it so that it can stand on a table. Then I might see it once and a while.

  6. Thanks so much for this info, Catherine. I must look into this. Because my house is not finished, I put the little lights on top of my manger but I did have to change the batteries. Isn't it wonderful that they keep coming out with all kinds of products for us?

  7. The LED lights are going to be perfect for your Xmas Tree.

  8. The Christmas tree is a true masterpiece.
    We want to see it finished.
    On our site, but also in our etsy shop, if you want, you can see the lights that we did do, exclusively for us.
    These LED lights, (20 lights in a wire of 1 m) with the box for the batteries really small, work with a steady light or flashing.

  9. Katherine, your tree is wonderful and has me scouring the shops for the supplies to make one.
    Your blog is an absolute favourite although I don't often comment.

  10. Brilliant little DIY project, for the vast majority of the christmas period i'm far too lazy to put up the entirity of my houses' christmas decorations without help from the inlaws, your effort is admirable =)

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