Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tiny Buttons

Please forgive a short post about something other than miniatures that I made. This is so I test my blog again to see if things are working properly now. I have had several emails from people that are not able to get to this page and some who cannot get into the comments area. Mostly from people that are using Internet Explorer. Firefox works better at the moment. My next post will be about a miniature piece.

I have been collecting antique metal buttons for a long time. I love them! I have them classed by size and color in glass jars. These are all solid brass ones about 1/4 inch wide. I used some black glass ones for this project as well.

I hate it when old buttons get their shanks cut off for jewelry or other uses. So I decided to crochet gold metallic elastic thread for a band. Then just sewed on the buttons to make a cuff bracelet.


  1. Catherine, what a beautiful bracelet! These buttons are exquisite. What a magnificent collection you have acquired. I especially love the one with the flowers with the diamond in the middle and the one with the little beads. For your information, I use Firefox. I have no difficulty with your blog!

  2. I love the bracelet...what a great idea!!!
    I also have Firefox and have no difficulty with reading your blog.


  3. Unfortunately... It is once again giving me trouble. *&^% Google!!! LOL I had to fight it to get back to the first page and again to get in here to read your comments. I got a flash of the comments page, then the dreaded white page. After refreshing it dozens times I finally made it in.

    Thank you Lucille and Sandi. XXX

    1. Awesome button collection, great idea, and I'm having no trouble with the blog or the comments page. Using Firefox, but you know that!!!

    2. Catherine, I cannot go into the comment area, I only can reply.
      I`ve send you a email.


  4. Lovely bracelet, I have quite a collection of antique buttons too, all small ones that will work for doll clothes. No problem seeing your blog, I use Google Chrome all the time.

  5. C est un très bonne idée de nous montrer vos autres passion . C est une très belle réalisation . C est magnifique . Je n ai pas de problème pour avoir accès à vos pages .

  6. Great idea to use buttons as jewelry components.
    I use Firefox and I don't have any problem enter comments on your blog ;-)
    Courage !

  7. I love those buttons too! This is a great idea for showcasing them. Gold star to you!

  8. Beautiful bracelet of old buttons!!!

  9. Like it, looks a bit vintage! :)

  10. Hi catherine,

    What a wonderful way to give these beautiful buttons a new life.


  11. Hello Catherine!
    Congratulations on conquering the "comment" section! It is again working for me. Love the combination of black and gold buttons. Soo imaginative!
    Look forward to more of you great posts.
    Warm wishes from Ray

  12. Hi Catherine,
    You are a woman of many talents. The bracelt is gorgeous. Great job.
    I can't wait to see more posts,
    All the best,

  13. This is very nice.
    I love the bracelet, very chique!

    Kind regards Alexandra