Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

For those who do not live in the USA. The day after Thanksgiving is referred to as Black Friday. It is the biggest shopping day of the year. There are lots of great deals if you are willing to brave the crowds.

It appears someone has been doing some rather posh Christmas shopping today. Chanel, Burberry, Gucci, Liberty, Jimmy Choo, Tiffany's, Louis Vuitton!

I found a gorgeous L V purse, wallets and journal. The journal opens and has blank pages. I have to get busy and make a pen and some pencils.

BTW... No, You're Not Seeing Double...

Though it is hard to see in these photos (frankly, There is so much going on I am almost dizzy looking at them). I have made another 100% silk William Morris wing chair. This one I made to sell. Though I haven't figured out how I want to do that yet. Perhaps in an auction. Or I could send it with a friend to be sold at the show in Chicago next spring.
Happy Christmas Shopping to all!


  1. I was so excited looking at ALL your new shopping that I didn't even notice the second chair.....silly me lol! I am certain you will make some one very happy with them purchasing your wonderful chair. Thank you for explaining Black Friday, I had seen it written many times lately but had no idea what it refered to. Enjoy your gorgeous miniatures!!!! X

  2. Two chairs WOWWW!!!! And the photography is incredible! Does NOT look like a mini scene, I would swear someone just came home from huge amounts of shopping :) So fun!!! Well done and unbelievable---

  3. Good thing someone is out their buying LV goods. That purse is just terrific. Can't wait to see the new pen and pencil you make.

    That wing chair is a perfect match to the other one. Great job on both of them. As always your work is perfection!

    Black Friday is so called because it is often the first day of the year that stores show profit for that year. So now that their ledgers are written in blank ink which shows profit instead of bleeding red ink which means they are operating at a loss. Of course in this bad economy it might not be true.

  4. I am SO interested in the chair... Wondering what your price is?

  5. Son maravillosas tus compras!
    Un abrazo

  6. I also didn't see the second chair, LOL, but I think it will be sold long before Chicago. Love all your goodies in the photo. I am happy to fight the crowds at miniature or antique fairs, shopping malls, no thank you.

  7. That's quite a haul! And the way it's staged, it looks just like a post-Christmas-shopping scene from a well-appointed London flat.

  8. Wow! I'm admiring
    all so exclusive purchases", great scene, beautiful done, as always. Warm hugs:)

  9. On découvre ton côté " victime de la mode " ... LOL !
    On ne connaissait pas ce côté de ta personnalité .
    Je croyais que comme nous toutes ... Tu faisais les soldes ... Dans les magasins de bricolage ...

  10. I wist i could spend some minutes in that room. Did you make the LV items yourself?

    Mini Hugs, Vall
    Vanilla Miniatures

  11. Vall,

    No I didn't make the L V pieces. They were a great find I couldn't resist. I loved the tiny zippers on the purse and the larger wallet on the table. The matching wallet to the purse is on the chair. That one is sort of lost in all the chaos in these photos.

  12. Wonderful scene! Love every detail!

  13. Beautiful scene.
    The black friday is great for shopping.
    Bye Faby

  14. Great job on the second chair, it's stunning! I love Morris & Co fabrics.
    All those bags look wonderful, a lot of treats for someone very special! Interesting to hear more about Black Friday, thanks.
    Have a great weekend

  15. It's funny how I sometimes love things in miniature which I don't care for at all full scale. The LV pieces I even quite dislike full scale (except for the big trunks) but in miniature they are irresistible. I really like how realistic they're made, with the zippers and all that. A wonderful display, it looks just like when I come home from a shopping trip, except the names on the bags are different then ;-)

    Just read about Black Friday and why it is called that in our paper yesterday!

  16. The chair is beautiful. I love the scene. First time I learn about black Friday. Interesting but I'd hate to shop when it's crowded.
    Hugs, Drora

  17. Josje,

    I feel EXACTLY the same way about the life size L V purses and wallets. I have never liked them at all. I don't like logos on anything I wear/carry. But I really liked the miniature versions. I thought they were very well made and I loved the zippers and fobs.

  18. I'm SO glad I had 'Black Friday' off and was able to avoid the crowds! Extraordinary chairs --how will you ever break up the pair? Looks like one of your dollies is a bit of a label queen ;)

  19. A striking photo, Catherine! Everything is so colourful! You have a knack for putting things together!

  20. Love the presents you "bought" my immediate thought was "Oh another chair so a friend could be comfortable too."

    I don't like the chair for my nursery, looks too plastic, will have to cover it too.

  21. Hello Catherine,
    Now that feels like a holiday. what a wonderful pciture. The LV items are superb. The purse is really well done.
    Great job, once again, on the chairs. They look beautiful and I'm sure it wont take you long to sell.
    Big hug,

  22. Catherine, I love your William Morris wing chair a lot. Love the colors! Mini hugs, Natalia