Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Linda Master's Chip Carved Tray

I wish it was a bright sunny day so these photos were better. We got a few inches of snow last night and today the sky is overcast and gloomy.

I had no idea Linda had planned to give me one of her gorgeous trays for Christmas. Before she ever got the chance, I ordered one from her web site. I knew the minute I saw it I had to have one. I have seen my share of carved wood in miniature but never anything like this. Karin Corbin... I agree with you. This belongs in a museum.
When I opened the package I was totally blown away by how fine and detailed the carving is. The tray is made of pear wood.  Each square that creates the borders design has 36 separate cuts. One mistake and it is all over. Plus, those cuts have to be made at an angle. The tray is just 54 mm long or 2 1/8 inches. OMG! Thank you Linda! I love, love, LOVE it!!!


  1. WOWWWWWW.¡¡¡¡ Es preciosa!!!!Felicidades. Besos

  2. It's a beautiful piece. You're very lucky.

  3. Amazing work and amazing talent! You were so blessed!

  4. That is a beautiful and generous gift! How wonderful to be finding it in your mailbox!
    The photos are wonderful too. The sun was not needed to show how lovely this tray is.

    Three months ago I took a class from David Hurley in which we had to do some chip carving as well. I have to say I was not very good at it ;-)

  5. Catherine that was a good investment of your dollars to purchase one of those trays. Linda is very talented.

    Of course you are too which equals a friendship that was meant to be :)

  6. The tray is wonderful Catherine and it looks just perfect with your blue and white collection. Great gift!

  7. This was not my Christmas gift from Linda. I bought the tray. You might see what she gave me for Christmas in a future post. :-)

  8. The tray is very beautyful!!
    Fantastic purchase!

  9. Hi Catherine, What a beautiful piece, i have great admiration for Linda's work,the colour of the pearwood shows the carving off beautifully. Congratulations on aquiring such a great piece for your collection.

  10. Linda's work is exceptional! And I always enjoy how you stage your photos. Ahh... it's so nice to pop over to your blog for some amazing eye candy. Happy holidays, Catherine!

  11. I am always admired by the taste with which you choose your purchases.
    In addition to the skill of the artist, here I also appreciate the strange coincidence that approach this article to the craftsmanship of my island:

    This is a decoration typical of chests.
    The thought that it is a miniature work is shocking (but then again, you do houses in walnut shells: nothing can upset you!)
    Mini lovely hugs
    Flora (from Sardinia)

  12. Flora,

    Thank you for the link and your kind comment. What amazing carved work on those pieces. It was a joy to see.

    Catherine XXX

  13. Catherine you have done the usual AMAZING job photographing the tray :) Thank you!!! Your talent for creating settings is exceptional and I am so fortunate to have my work as the subject on more than one occasion! Truly...thank you---

  14. Hello Catherine!
    I hope this note finds that you had a Wonderful Christmas!
    Your tray is absolutely exquisite and Linda is truly a "Master"!
    Happy New Year Catherine.......
    Ray -X-

  15. This is a wonderful piece!
    Bye Faby

  16. Ohhh how gorgeous! Linda has magic wands instead of fingers LOL.
    You treated yourself with the best of the Christmas gifts!

  17. This is quite amazing, Linda's talent leaves me speechless!
    Wish you much luck and joy for the New Year! Big hugs from Sweden, och gott nytt år! :)