Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fleur de Lys, William Morris Wing Chair

The assembly line continues to move along. I am waiting for another beautiful silk pattern in the mail.

This William Morris 100 % silk print was made by Liberty of London. I am afraid there is no way I my camera will photograph the colors properly. The back ground color is a brownish-red. The yellows are much more subtle then they look here. It is a gorgeous fabric.

I am happy to say, my last chair sold in 10 hours of being listed in Swan House Miniatures.

These boring chair posts will end soon. I may delete them.


  1. No boredom, to see your skills and these excellent examples of W. M. silk :-)
    Beautiful again :-)

  2. Please don't delete, I am amazed at your skill and talent!

  3. Huh?? Boring? DELETE?? Surely you jest :)
    Another fabulous gorgeous chair. Your workmanship is second to none!

  4. Catherine!
    I love your sense of humor!
    No one is ever bored with what you do.....maybe a lot of us are envious of your many talents!
    This is another exquisite chair indeed and Linda is right, your workmanship is second to none!
    Warm good wishes from Ray

  5. Stuff and nonsense! You will certainly NOT delete those dreamy chairs!

  6. The people have spoken......the post remains...lol! Yet another GEORGEOUS chair......I love it!!!!!

  7. Thank you Everyone! What would I do without all of you! You keep my interest alive.

  8. Catherine, what a silly idea! I would not have anything to sit and stare at for the next 10 minutes if you deleted the chairs. More please! I'm just waiting for the next set.

  9. Don't you dare delete the chair posts, at least I can look at them and drool all over the keyboard wishing I could lay my hands on some of that beautiful fabric. I love William Morris's designs like no other before or after him, the man was a genius.

    In 2006 I went to the Morris Gallery in London and Liberty's shop, I did buy a piece of fabric but it is not small enough for 1/12 scale :-(

    Now that the ranting is over, your chair is just GORGEOUS!!!!

  10. Th fabric is something so wonderful...The Chairs both are so beautiful: that I can only dream of !
    You do some magic-Artwork ! :)

  11. Hello catherine,
    I love that chair. It is so beautiful and as well done as always! I really enjoy your chair posts.
    Big hug,

  12. Oh no please don't delete them they are soo beautiful


  13. You've made a beautiful job of the chair. I'm not surprised it sold so quickly.

  14. Irene,

    Thank you! This one is not sold. It was the navy and gold one. I made two of those.

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  16. I deleted the comment because there was a typo and I detest that! I don't mind other people's typos, but I don't like mine. (Smiling)! Catherine, I know that you covered the chairs, but did you also build them? Just wondering. I know you could, you're that good!

  17. Lucille.

    Yes, I built the chair too. I suppose you can buy a ready made chair and recover it though. Thank you :-)
    I make more typos then anyone in Blogland. I am reeally good at that!!!

  18. Thanks, Catherine! Beautiful work!

  19. Boring? Oh no no no! When something is beautiful to look at it never gets boring!
    The legs look great! I like the angle on the back legs, very elegant. I often see chairs made where they put the legs in the wrong spot, so the chair looks like it would fall over if you sat in it. Not on your chairs of course!!

    I remember going to Liberty's the first year I discovered miniatures. I went there especially to see the Morris fabrics. So beautiful! Unfortunately the patterns were all too big for miniatures.

  20. I love your chairs! Just found your blog and have to scroll down a while now to look at all your lovely posts =) Hannah