Friday, May 3, 2013

A new addition to the family

I named this new kitty Bear. I have no idea why that name came to mind while I was working on him.  He is getting along very well with the other kitties no fighting yet.. ;-)
You would think after making six or seven animals this would have occurred to me long ago. I am putting too much fur on them! If you think about applying the fur like adding shingles to a roof... I think the fur 'shingles' are too thick. Next time...thinner shingles.


  1. Oh Catherine!!!!! He is adorable, I love him!!!!

    I would have thought you used the perfect amount of 'shingles'....but you are the experts so I shall take your word for it.

    I love the 'free form' not everything has to be sitting and standing....wonderful idea!

    Linda x

  2. Catherine, this is absolutely amazing work! He's perfect and so adorable! He could not look more real!

  3. He still has his Winter coat - and it's perfect.

  4. Hello Catherine,
    In the pictures the fur looks just beautiful. If anythign he's a lucky cat to have such a rich looking coat. Excellent work!
    Big hug,

  5. He is gorgeous, Catherine!!!! HeHe, many years ago my one cat had 5 kittens, my hubby called the one "Beertjie" that is Afrikaans for a small bear.

    And my daughter just peeked over my shoulder and said you stole one of our wing chairs from the lounge, it is upholstered in a fabric that is very similar to your miniature one, I think there is a photo of it somewhere on my blog with our cat Yoda.

    As to the hair, it didn't look like too much to me, some cats do have thicker and longer hair than others, I guess this one likes to have his tummy stroked, as he is showing it off so nicely, excellent work, Catherine, he looks so alive.

  6. Catherine, this kitten is just wonderful as it is :D! It is adorable and wants to be cuddled ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. LOVE him! I just want to scratch his belly he's so cute!

  8. He looks so cute and cuddly! Love the white belly and markings on his face.

    As for the furring, I can only imagine how it is done, but there are cats with a thick fur and cats with a thin fur, depending on race I suppose. I quite like the ones with thick fur but we don't see many of those over here. My neighbour's cats are all of the common 'house and garden' variety with short smooth furs.

  9. i have to agree with the consensus:he LOOKS like he has the perfect amount of fur.but,then,we aren't the one having to apply the fur & handle him,etc.does it make a difference in how easy or hard it is to work with?i can't imagine it,having absolutely no skills in sculpting.i started following you with the westie a few weeks back and i think this cat is your best yet!have a great weekend!Kat

  10. Kat... Welcome to my blog first of all. And thank you for your kind comment about my work.

    Yes, I think that animals will have a much more natural appearance if the fur is not so thick. The tails will look a lot better. Not so stiff. My RL cat has long hair and when his tail is resting (maybe on the floor) there are separations in the fur.
    I will try not to add so much on the next animal and you can decided. ;-)

    Thank you Everyone!!!

  11. Oh let me at that fur-belly!!! I just want to snuggle him, he is so adorable- and I think his fur is perfect, ok, someone has to say it---purrr-fect :)

  12. Catherine, he still has his winter coat! What a beauty. I have loved everything that you have been making the last few months!

  13. PATTY!!!!! Where have you been, I have missed you!! I was really worried about you.

    Thank you for your sweet comment. :-))

  14. Wow...wat een prachtige kat heb je gemaakt. Als je niet beter zou weten dan is hij net echt. Precies zoals een kat kan liggen. Complimenten voor dit schitterende resultaat.

    Groeten Xandra

  15. The cat looks so real, I can hardly see it is a miniature! Compliments!!
    Miniature greetings

  16. Bear is just darling - he looks a bit like one of my real-life kitties!

  17. une des positions que j'adore de mon chat .

  18. OH! He's perfect! Love your work!

  19. This cat is adorable! Wonderful and funny scenes.
    Bye, Faby

  20. Thank you Everyone. I am having such a wonderful time making these.

  21. The fur thick and shiny is a sign of good health :-)
    Perhaps the name you came to mind because, if I imagine this big cat standing on its hind legs, it looks like a Grizzly :-)
    However, another feline masterpiece.
    Have a nice Sunday,

  22. This cat is very cute. It makes a gorgeous scene.

  23. WONDERFUL!!!! it is so alive!!!
    I LOOOOVE it

  24. Se ve adorable, francamente real y divertido.
    besitos ascension

  25. What a beauty! She looks like mine cat. She also like that pose and show here white belly.
    Love your cat!!

  26. SO adorable!!! :)