Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Designing The 1: 12 Scale Kitchen Today

No matter where I have lived, the kitchen was where everyone congregated. It isn't that I don't have a very inviting living room, There are comfortable chairs, big sofas and a huge fireplace. The kitchen is just where everyone always wants to be.

I have to admit.. It is my favorite room in the house, so it is no wonder I have collected so many things for a miniature one. I bought this hutch a couple of weeks ago because I was tired of looking at all the Stokesay Ware in the temporary shadow box it was in. It didn't hold everything anyway. Still I am not sure I will use use it. I may want everything on the walls built in.

The apricots, lemons, plums & cherries were made by Teresa Martinez. She is so talented I just could resist their charm when I saw them a few months ago. Thank you Teresa!

A sterling silver chamber stick arrived today made by Mike Sparrow. What a saga! The first one went to Melbourne, AU. (according to UK Airsure tracking). They (Air-unsure) sent it half way around the world in the WRONG direction. When it finally arrived here it had been totally crushed. The top of cardboard box it was sent in had an imprint of the candle stick embossed in it. An elephant must have stepped on it!!! So I am very pleased that a new one arrived today. The snuffer actually comes out of a drilled slot. Thank you so much Mike!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway this dollhouse is going to have a big kitchen!  


  1. Bummer about the chamber stick! Glad you finally got it worked out. Your Stokesay Ware looks so 'at home' in the dresser --I just started a collection of my own. Bet your new kitchen is going to be fabulous!


  2. It is ALL so gorgeous. I love the candle stick.....the detail is incredible, but very sad about the one that got damaged.
    Linda x

  3. Love this display, specially the stokesayware as I've just got a dinner service for my dollhouse. Sad about the first candlestick but a happy ending and it's gorgeous. I love quality miniatures, always love visiting your posts.

  4. Oh I am totally floored by the beauty of this scene and the incredible pieces you have so masterfully arranged---and photographed---to perfection! Truly...words escape me....

  5. What wonderful items you have on your hutch. I certainly think it is one kitchen I would want to spend time in, just to keep looking at it all.

  6. Love your hutch and all the Stokesayware! Glad you finally received your candlestick in one piece, this is not the first time you have received damaged goods. Hope the postal services treats you better in future!

  7. Hello Catherine,
    I am glad the candlestick finally came...I love Mike Sparrow's work. The hutch is just beautiful. You really have incredible taste when it comes to choosing your miniatures. I LOVE the kettle!
    Big hug,

  8. I really love your candlestick and the wine bottles at the bottom are just perfect..what a lovely scene thank you for sharing it

    Marisa :)

  9. Your hutch is well stocked. I like everything.
    Greetings, Faby

  10. Dear Catherine, nice to talk about kitchen room :-)
    It is also my favorite room in the house, both in miniature and in the real scale.
    I love to cook, but I also love to sit down to read the newspaper, or put me to sew at the kitchen table. Writing a Christmas card, open the mail, work on miniatures: everything happens in the kitchen, from me :-)
    Beautiful your dresser. Despite the very difficult period of my existence, this puts me in mind that I also have so many things to show from the cottage ...
    Oh... Kilmousky is fabulous, I hope he will find a home full of love :-)
    Mini lovely hugs, my friend

  11. Catherine, Everything is so gorgeous. I really enjoy creating a great meal and have always loved a large kitchen. I have noticed that most doll houses have very small kitchens. I can't wait to see your large kitchen that you make in a dollhouse someday.

  12. Where would we be without a kitchen in our houses? Because in this room the most things least at my place ;) Your hutch is beautiful, lovely scene! Glad the chamber stick finally came undamaged.
    Hugs, Ilona

  13. Hello Catherine! I think that Good China is one of the most difficult things to find in miniature. Often pieces are just too thick. Stokesay ware is fine in it's profile and beautiful in it's patterns. I love the way that you have mixed the patterns up and paired them with such things as the toby mug, the preserves, the glassware and silver! A Truly Lovely composition!


  14. The blue and white Stokesy Ware is lovely. I collect both miniature and real life size blue and white china. I love your collection. Sorry to hear about your candle stick going on a "grand adventure". Very strange that it headed down under. Mail is an interesting thing...I've had many parcels disappear or turn up completely smashed. I agree with you..perhaps elephants are working for the post office!

  15. It all looks fabulous on this dresser, but would look equally good on built-in shelving. Your silverware is gooooorgeous! I particularly love antique silver and have it on my list for the future. Look forward to seeing your kitchen.

  16. Such a joy to see your beautiful collection displayed on the dresser. Every piece is lovely and they look perfect together.
    You're have not been very lucky with the mail, how upsetting to finally receive a beautiful piece comepletely destroyed! It must have been a relief (to both you and Mike!) to find this time your parcel arrived safely.

    Exciting to know you have started work on your house. I am so looking forward to seeing it develop as I know it will be fabulous!

  17. PS: I noticed I missed a couple of posts...
    Your sofa upholstery is perfect! You have such a good eye for detail and it shows in everything you do. And of course you have a great artistic talent.
    Little Kilmousky is testiment of all of your skills! He is another gorgeous sculpt!

  18. I love the whole layout, and any and all items you have chosen.
    But there is a small piece that is a real beauty, the small jug of water with the silver surface.
       I am also looking forward to seeing the full kitchen, you have exquisite taste to decorate. It is a pleasure to visit your blog!!.
    Many thanks to you.

  19. Como siempre tienes un exquisito gusto para decorar, me encanta cada una de las piezas que has puesto.
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