Monday, August 19, 2013

Progress On 'The Whispers'

 August 22. 2013

I finished the living room today and glued in the ceiling.I would like to add some flowers to the coffee table but I have to find the right sort of  'vase' first.

I am still working on "The Whispers'. It has been slow going because I am waiting for materials to arrive. I can't start the second floor until I have finished the living room.

I wish my camera photographed colors accurately. The curtains are not as orange as they appear, but rather a subtle peach color and soft green. Actually it was the only paper I had I that could use. My printer will not print anything fine and the ink isn't water proof. Grrrrr

I made the rugs with my Crazy Cords machine by twisting two threads and winding it into a rug on top of double stick tape. Then I painted on tacky glue (on the back side). Once that dried I was able to peel the rug off the tape.

The brass fender for the fireplace was made by cutting a strip out of the N scale brass fence I had for the Georgian Townhouse. I also used that for the brass basket.

I made both lamps out of beads and some altered brass jewelry findings I cut apart for lamp shades.
I have several more things for I want to make to put on my tables. Candlesticks for the mantle would be fun.

Then I can start working on the second floor bedrooms.


  1. Hi Catherine! I admire the delicacy of this interior and the pencil end really highlights the minuteness of this little living room! You have made this a teeny tiny home and packed it with a lot of personality! Most impressive.


  2. Hi Catherine
    I can't believe the scale - the detail you have created is incredible, and when you see the pencil or pin next to it, it really is amazing!
    Well done

  3. es impresionante la cantidad de detalles q tiene en una escala tan pequeña!, felicidades, un beso

  4. The pencil really helps to grasp the scale. This is so tiny and yet so detailed. It's incredible!


  5. Hi Catherine! Like others have commented, the pencil puts the fine scale of the room into perspective. It really is excellent work for such a tiny scale! I look forward to updates! Kind regards, Brian.

  6. Great project! Your ideas on this blog are amazing! Welcome to my blog:

  7. This is so amazing. I'm glad you put the pencil in the picture so we can really appreciate the scale. I love the little lamp.

  8. UAU !! Que cosita tan pequeña y tan bien hecha .

  9. Hello Catherine,
    I am in awe! It is absolutely fantastic and so detailed. It is amazing that you can be so accurate so small. I am so impressed and cannot wait to see more .
    Big hug,

  10. Oh, my!!! All the detail and so tiny! I love it!

  11. Mas diminuto ya no se puede, gran talento, fabuloso.
    Un abrazo.

  12. Pero que pequeñito y que bien hecho!!!

  13. Mind......BLOWN!!! How the.....
    Such wonderful tiny detail, I love this cottage. Really perfectly done so far, can't wait to see more!!!

  14. It is looking wonderful Catherine!

  15. Mind. Blown.

    Now THIS is detail!

  16. SO tiny!!

    And so gorgeous, I'm amazed you can work so small. I bought one of Emily's tiny houses and would love to decorate it but I'm not game.Looking at what you have achieved make me itch to give it a go.

    ML Fi x

  17. Hi Catherine, I see I missed a post. I like the story of The Whispers, a ghost story but a very kind one.
    The detail you are creating in the house is so wonderful. It's a good thing you've got the pencil there to remind us of the scale you are working in.

  18. Hi Catherine,this is amazing ! Everything so in scale and charming. Love your house and the story around it too :-) Jeannette xx

  19. And this is the miracle!!!
    Amazing details :-)
    I love the peaceful and friendly atmosphere onthis room: impossible to believe that it is so tiny :-)
    You are unbeatable!

  20. Hi Catherine,
    I really like your tiny room, you did sweet interior! I just admire the white table lamp, like flower... wonderful work!

  21. The whispers is a delightful house and the way you decorated the living room is amazing. So many details in such a small scale.

  22. I'm always so blown away by this scale, and you master perfectly accomplishing scenes as small. I looove your work, Catherine! ♥

  23. Catherine, what a beautiful job you've done, so tiny!.
    For one reason or another I missed your previous posts.

    Hugs, Roelie

  24. I think my brain just exploded. That is incredible detail, and such a charming house!

    Re: your missing possible way to find it involves a nylon stocking and a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Simply attach the hose, remove the brush end, and hold the stocking taut over the bare end of the hose as you vacuum (depending on how tall you are, squatting or vacuuming on your knees may be necessary to do this). The vacuum will pick up small items (like tiny missing chairs), but the stocking will keep it from being sucked up. It's worked pretty well for me (I sometimes use Swarovski crystals as mini furniture knobs, and, being clumsy, tend to drop them).