Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Copper Teapot

This is a miniature copper teapot I have been working on. I am very pleased with this one because it has a hole all the way through the spout to the pot and I like the shape of the spout and pot. It has a turned wood handle and knob.


  1. I'm going to start crying when reading your blog - you make too nice things (and have them also)! That pot is SO nice, wonderful, beatiful, amazing, excellent - just line all the best words for it :)

    Your house is going to be wonderful, can't wait to see it :)


  2. You are SO skilled, Catherine! My compliments.
    Love, Susanne

  3. That teapot is so incredibly beautifull! I also love the shape of the spout, in fact the entire design is gorgeous! What a work of art! :D

  4. Gosh! It is sooooo beautiful! Superb job Catherine!

  5. WOWWWWWW!!! That is such a gorgeous copper teapot!! What a talent you have! Your dollhouse is going to be full of the most beautiful things.

  6. This teapot is a unique beauty! You are talented and have very good taste.

  7. Por el amor de Dios!!!!!!
    Que maravilla!!!!
    Esta perfecta!!!!!
    Es tan real, que podria pasar por un normal.

  8. Hello Catherine,
    I have been visiting your blog before and not leaving a comment.. probably lost for words!!!!! O'boy... you make lovely minis!!!!
    And your taste is excellent, I can see from the beautiful pictures :-)
    I will be back for more!!!
    Synnøve :)

  9. Incredible! The skill you have to make this, but also the very beautiful design!


  10. Catherine, it is beautiful!!!!!! it's too cruel that you do not sell them...I already have a shopping list ready. Will you ever change your mind ? (shy suggestion.... not too shy) Rosanna

  11. Absolutely gorgeous. It must give you such satisfaction when producing something so perfect.

  12. That is a gorgeous teapot!

    It would be wonderful to OWN one... but I confess to be able to MAKE one... well that is just the cherry on the cake!!!!

  13. Superb as always Catherine :)

    I just showed this post to my husband (who was as amazed as the rest of us) and explained how we are all in awe of your talents and just itching to get our hands on some of your wonderful pieces but that your reply to questions about selling/buying is always "no,no,no" but that's alright because we can "wait,wait,wait"! ;)

  14. Thank you so much!!! Ira, Susanne, Anneke, The Old Maid (surely you have another name why can't I find it), Kristy, Flora, Ascension, Synnøve, Marit, Rosanna, Janice, Lize and Norma.

    Norma... I would trade my torch for your wit. It never fails to make me laugh. I find it all over other her peoples blogs too. :-)) When I see one of your posts, I am usually in for a good ear to ear smile.
    What could be a better gift to have in life!

  15. What a beautiful teapot! Amazing! Like Norma, I want some of your pieces! I've not seen anything you've made I wouldn't want!


  16. Catherine, I have an award for you on my blog! Hope you can drop by and pick it up and pass it on to others.


  17. Jody,

    Thank you for you wonderful comment. I do appreciate it.

    Sharing and finding so many creative people and their blogs has been so great, in more ways than I can tell you. It has given me the kick I needed to get moving toward my goal. I had lost interest over the years. Our internet comunity of friends has changed all that.

    Thank you also for thinking of me for an award.

    Catherine X

  18. All the adjective have been used....it certainly is GORGEOUS!!!!
    You'll have a long line of oders when & if you decide to sell your items....just remember who asked first...lol!
    It is a fabulous piece, your work is stunning...(did any one use that word yet?)
    Kindest Regards, Linda
    p.s.....the 3D cards are available from
    Pain D'epices
    29. Passage Jouffroy
    75009 Paris

  19. Stupendous - that one hasn't been used I'm pretty sure. It is perfect, you are obviously an artisan and I can only hope to achieve your level of excellence in miniature metal art. Much work to do yet!

  20. All I can say is WOW !Your work is really outstanding.Jeannette

  21. Since we are looking for words that haven't been used, how about "tea-licious"? Your work is tea-licious, Catherine :)! I think we have to invent new words now that all the known words for "great" have been written here.

  22. Catherine there is an award for you on my blog, please come over and pick it up :)

  23. Hi,you are a unique artist.Your metal minis are fantastic!

  24. Norma,

    Thank you so much for thinking of me for an award!

    Catherine XXX

  25. Thank you for visiting my blog, and the nice comment:)
    O yes Rosannas chair; it is guaranteed utterly fantastic, and I am so looking forward to see it too! I hope she will bring it with her to Paris and SIMP !
    Can't wait to see what you post next either, everything is so exquisite.
    Synnøve x

  26. There is an award waiting for you on my blog :)