Monday, April 19, 2010

The Tom Bishop Show 2010

I am home from Chicago having seen the most beautiful miniatures. It was great fun, I loved meeting so many talented miniaturists and seeing their work.

I am totally exhausted today. I think I was so excited the night before I left I didn't sleep at all. Saturday sleep again. UGH!!! I am dragging today. Still I want to post a few photos for you. I'm afraid I didn't take that many. Saturday was very crowded and I had a long list of things I was looking for.

Saturday night I met Karin Corbin for dinner. That was fantastic!!! She is just delightful! I know she took lots of photos so I am sure she will post them when she gets home and write a great show report.

Sadly when I went through security at the airport and had to open my carry on bag, I discovered all the things I had bought on Saturday had made a mysterious disappearance. No point in crying over it. It's just stuff but it was very, very unhappy. The good news is that I have everything I bought on Sunday and I will take some photos of those things for you in a couple of days.

Light Fixtures - by Scott Hughes, Scott's Lighting (no web site)
Miniature Furniture - by Ann High
Miniature Plants - Carolyn Mohler Kraft
Gerd Felka - Miniature Glass
James Carrington - Dolls


  1. I am so sorry that your lovely weekend was spoiled. It sounds like a fabulous show though a bit far me even without volcanis ash.

  2. Great photos! Thanks for sharing! I am sorry to hear your minis disappeared - could they stay in the hotel perhaps?

  3. Janice,

    Those things were stolen out of my packed duffel bag either in my room or in the locked storage area by an employee of the hotel.
    My bag was completely packed when I went down to have breakfast. When I came back I took the bag to be stored until I caught the shuttle to the airport.
    I am waiting to hear from the hotel claims department.

  4. Oh, Catherine, how horrible and how disappointing. :(

    I'm glad you have your purchases from Sunday, but still, that's a drag!

  5. Awesome pictures Catherine! I wish I could have been there. That's awful about your things being stolen - I would be devastated! But you have the right attitude - it's just stuff!!! Probably really, really cool stuff though :((
    I hope you hear back soon with some good news.

  6. Hi Catherine,thank you for the wonderful pictures you have shared with us .I feel very sorry with you about your stolen stuff,unbelieveable that something like this happens in between collectors.Nobody else will have an interest on these tings.
    But I like to ask you something: Please,can you tell me you is the maker of the spectacular candeliers,they are really one of a kind.Never have seen them before.Perhaps you can help me ? Hugs,Jeannette

  7. Oh Catherine I am so sorry you lost your things. People are so bad sometimes. I wonder if other people reported thefts? All of my things were fine. Don't forget that many times a credit card provides theft insurance on purchases made with the card.

  8. Catherine, these pics you shot of the show are so GREAT!!!! Thanks you so much for allowing me to "be there" with you ;-). I am going next year, come hell or high water, girlfriend!

    And screw that thief!! Karma will come back around, trust me. Do what Karin suggested, though. You may just have recourse after all.

    Kisses and hugs, my talented Catherine!!

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  10. Thanks Everyone! It sure was a shock and very upsetting. Carolyn Mohler Kraft suggested I contact Tom Bishop and let him know what happened I think that is a very good idea. I still have not heard anything from Marriot's claims dept.

    Kiva... It's a date! I look forward to seeing you next year. We have to start working on Kristy.

    Jennette... They are gorgeous. I bought a lamp from "Scott's Lighting" now missing along with the rest. I am sorry to tell you he does not have a catalog or a web site.

  11. Oh, I am green with envy! I want so badly to go there one day but just now, it seems an impossible dream! Thanks for sharing the pictures. It looked incredible! So glad you were able to go!


  12. Catherine,
    the naked three women are fantastic.
    I love them.
    Thank you for this photo.

  13. Nina,

    I am not a doll person really but I couldn't believe how wonderful his dolls were. What a great job not only sculpting them but dressing them too. What a hoot those women are! Sixty-five year old (or older) show girls.

  14. The show was wonderful, wasn't? I had not been in a long time and was tickled to see such great stuff! Lovely photos...I took none (bad girl).

    What a shame about your purchases...absolutely let Tom know. He brings mucho business to that hotel with his shows and he should know what happened to you so he can take it up with the hotel.


  15. Tabs,

    I wish I had known you were going, I would have loved to meet you.

    YES!!! It was just wonderful! So many gorgeous miniatures and talented people to meet.

    I am planning to go next year and meet (((Kiva
    and Kristy))). That is something to look forward to all by it's self!

  16. I am absolutely going next year. too, so all of us bloggers will have to meet up. I would love to make "virtual" friends "real" friends. This year I took my sister and 90 y/o mother (who is still game for anything creative). They both were enchanted! I think I have a convert in my sister. She has always done beautiful needlework and is now considering something "mini" a French knotted rug ala Teresa Layman.


  17. Tabs,
    I loved those little rugs. I think your sister would really enjoy doing one. WOW! your 90 year old mom managed to walk all over that show room. Whadda woman! I mean that in the nicest way of course!!!
    My feet were killing me at the end of the day. I came home Sunday and didn't want to do anything until late Tuesday afternoon. I was so tired.

  18. Thanks' for visiting Catherine :D
    Yes, the sink was made a few years back. Actually my first attempt with Fimo. I will probably be replacing it whenever I can find anything suitable!!
    I love your pictures from the fair!! I never got the chance to visit while making the magazine. But I will start saving for next year... so much lovely.. both minis and people:D
    Synnøve :)