Thursday, September 23, 2010


I found this image on someone's blog recently and saved it (no not a miniature blog). Now I can't remember where I found it, so if you remember please remind me.

I liked it so much I decided to try some fabric printing. I had to buy new ink for my printer to do it because mine had all dried up. The only things I ever print are in black and white.

I thought I would try to make a bed with an upholstered headboard. I only had time to make the panels today. I have no idea if I will use the bed when it's finished. This image might end up on a wall behind the bathtub before it's over or in the bin. It was just something I wanted to play with. Sadly once again my camera has gotten the colors wrong. The trees are all in a nice faded green and the sky is a blue-gray.

It looks like a nice place to go to sleep. Sorry for the VERY ugly back ground paper I photographed it on. YUCK!


  1. Te ha quedado muy bonito , me gusta !!!

  2. Usually Babel Fish translates so I have a clue what someone is saying in Spanish. This time I got this...

    "I have been you very tuna, likes"!

    I have no idea what that means. LOL haha

  3. That is beautiful!! Don't throw it in the bin! Everything is lined up so nicely.

  4. Catherine..."me gusta" = she likes it.

    "muy bonito" = very nice or very pretty.

    I have no idea about the rest....

    And it is very pretty and I like it, too!

  5. Catherine it would be a fabulous little screen, I love it!

  6. OMG Catherine, once google translate translated something in spanish for me and the word "tuna" came up too, LOL.
    Anyway, your head board is really great! Don't you dare toss that in the bin (I have to say it) you DORK!
    How do you put the fabric in the printer...won't it jam?

  7. Kristy,

    I bought ready to print colorfast cotton sheets at Jo-Anns in the quilting dept. You can make your own with a rince called bubble jet 2000. Then you iron the fabric onto freezer paper and cut it the same size as your printer paper is. Too much trouble for one project though.

    I would like a edge of wood around it and maybe some tiny trim. It has pretty thick padding behind the fabric.

  8. Catherine, wash your mouth out! And then write 100 times "I will not threaten to bin gorgeous minis!" It looks lovely, I hadn't thought of using printed fabric for a screen, great idea.

  9. What a wonderful idea! I can't wait to see the bed made. There is no way that you can be allowed to throw that in the bin!!!

  10. Give it up, photographing anything is a mess for getting accurate colors.

    Just joking... there are some things you can try.

    See this web site:

  11. Wow, what a great use of that image!

  12. Great image and I hope to see this bed;)

  13. Catherine, I love the fabric that you have printed!! Do you have to seal the colors with anything after you print! It really came out great. Love your idea of a cloth headboard. I have wondered about those and haven't seen too many in the mini world. Should look fab with your hands making it!!

  14. Thanks Patty,

    All you have to do is iron it on the hottest cotton setting for two minutes, them rinse the fabric in cold water. Here is a link so you can see them.
    They also make ones that aren't colorfast and they cost a lot less. Since I was going to be using a water based glue, I knew the ink would run if I didn't use colorfast sheets.

  15. Please don't bin it, Catherine!!
    It might not look like the original re colour, but from here it looks aged and beautifully faded.

  16. It looks great! I like the image you've used. I save lots of images too, thinking I will use them for all kinds of things. Of course a rarely get to do all that I want...
    I have printed my own fabrics for a few years now, and it works very well. I've also used my own printed fabric for a headboard and it is still looking good after a few years. I used Bubble Jet 2000 on my fabric.

  17. From Linda.....having computer troubles, will be in contact soon.
    From Paris...Linda x

  18. It is a pleasure to return to enter in your blog.
    After a period of time, away from the minis, again with renewed hopes.
    A greeting, Carmen kisses