Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fairy Cakes

I couldn't resist these fairy cakes made by Lory. I thought... If I saw those in
1: 1 in a bakery I would have to bring them home. These are much safer to have in the house. They won't be calling to me or waking me up in the middle of the night.

OPPS! I forgot Lory's link. http://www.etsy.com/shop/64tnt


  1. Lovely cupcakes!! Are those gooseberries I see? I never liked them as a child, but my Grandma had them on the farm in Saskatchewan - very nostalgic! Your tea set is also exquisite, Catherine.

  2. I have no idea if they are gooseberries. lol I wondered what they were. Thanks Cynthia! :-)

  3. Great! Now I'm going to have to run across the street to the Mini Mart to buy a damn twinkie or something! Thanks Catherine. >:( lol
    Those cakes look so delicious and very, very real. Yep, I think those are gooseberries. I've never eaten one before.

  4. Pretty fairy cakes..I like the china also.
    -Kim :)

  5. Beautiful china and delicious looking cakes (I agree the green striped fruit is gooseberry - we had it too when I was a child and I ate them by the handful! - but a sour one doesn't half make your tastebuds stand on end!!)

    I know you can't actually eat these goodies, but I'd like to know how many trips to the bakery they've 'inspired' ;)

  6. Norma,

    I don't even look at the bakery. I almost run past it with my grocery cart. lol

  7. Oh these cupcakes look very yummi,my favourite is the one with gooseberries.Also the china is very beautiful!!! Jeannette

  8. Lory can create things that are absolutely fantastic (in the literal sense!).
    Did you see that, ultimately, your cupcakes came from far Italy?
    I, lately, I'm more confident in postal services: My packages have always arrived all, that there was no need to spend exorbitant amounts. The only major problem are the duties that are applied to all goods arriving from countries outside Europe :-(
    Although you pay in the United States?
    Mini fairy hugs, Flora

  9. Flora,

    I have never had to pay a duty here in the USA. I didn't think you had to pay one in Europe unless the value was over a certian amount. I send things to a friend in London and I always check GIFT. I don't insure the parcels because then they do charge her a duty based on the value. SO... I say it has no value.

  10. What an interesting selection of toppings! Acorn, mushrooms, pumpkin, berries and yes, gooseberries!! I love gooseberries - they taste like nothing else, and it's worth braving the spiny plant to get them. They're best when they've turned pinkish. There's a lovely dish called gooseberry fool, which combines elderflower cordial, cooked gooseberries and cream - delightful!! Mmmmmmm, thanks for the post,I'm drooling now :)

  11. ¡Están preciosos! Y claro que no engordan, sólo endulzan la vista.
    Besos Clara

  12. Catherine, lovely setting as usual. I think that the gooseberries are incredible,Lory is really great with clay. I have two teapots made by her and I always marvel at the thinness of the flowers leaves.BTW Lately Italian Mail is surprising me with special efforts; I ordered a few things in UK last Friday and they were here on Tuesda. I was amazed.Alas custom duties are a rule if the value is over E 20.00. The problem is not the duty fares, although high, but the time they keep the item and most often they disappear into thin air. Have a nice day, Rosanna

  13. Dear Catherine, thank ... advice ;-)
    Even I had thought this was a solution, but not all vendors agree to passing a purchase for a gift.
    The fact remains that, in one way or another, as he says Rosanna, packages often evaporate!
    However your cupcakes are beautiful and delicious :-)

  14. I love Lory's work and own quite a bit! Your's are amazing and yes, gooseberries for certain...you either love them or hate them (soooo sour lol), they are fine in a crumble or fool. :o))

    Most parcels being sent from the USA (to the UK at least), can get caught at Customs and thus one gets charged with duty and VAT (value added tax) and of course admin charges from the Post Office! lol I've had parcels sent via USPS priority and not get caught at Customs...and others not sent priority and get caught. You simply take a chance when you order and yes, the lower the value put on the parcel the least likely it will get stopped/caught! :o))

    Michelle xx

  15. Not only are the cupcakes lovely, but the china is exquisite. I imagine that you have a fantastic china collection in real life...

  16. I am lucky enough to have quite a few of Lory's pieces and they are simply wonderful.

    You have placed them with beautiful china too.

  17. These are just stunning!!!! So delicate and whimsical!!!

  18. Catherine, Your table setting is so wonderful! I too, LOVE Lory's work. She has such a delicate touch with the clay and really knows how to put things together that are so appealing. I LOVE everything that is available to us worldwide via the internet! Life is GOOD

  19. Patty,

    I never would have gotten involved again with miniatures if it were not for the Internet. It has given me the chance to find and buy things that were not available to me where I live. It has also allowed me to make friends and share with others. That is something I NEVER had before. It has changed everything for the better in regard to my returning to miniature making.

    Thanks Everyone!! XXX

  20. They are adorable and delicious looking.The china are adorable too =)

  21. I adore the cakes Catherine...they look wondderful!!!
    Linda x....Paris

  22. Catherine, I was wandering from one blog to the other and I stumbled into yours, I'm really pleased to see the new house of my (yours now!) cupcakes!
    They look really pretty with your china set!
    I read about the mail services, I'm realy sad that the Italin one has such a bad reputation, fortunately unfounded in most of cases.
    For those who are afraid to have to pay custom fees remember that within the European union there are no fees to pay, (never happened to me), the fees must be randomly paid if you buy from the rest of the world (if you live in Europe).
    Thank you all dear ladies for the lovely comments about my work and thank you again Catherine for buying from me!

  23. Lory,

    I LOVE your work! I am sure I will order again very soon. I am delighted you came in to visit my blog and left a post here. Thank you, do come again! :-)

  24. Oooh, those fairy cakes are gorgeous! And that little teapot is beautiful!