Saturday, September 18, 2010

CORRECTION July 27, 2015 ....A. THEDE made this embroidery frame.

CORRECTION.... This piece was made by A. THEDE.

Long ago at a miniature show in Chicago I discovered furniture by Roger Gutheil. He made beautiful things. Not exactly in my budget at that time but I managed to buy two pieces from him. The drop leaf Queen Anne dining room table in the back ground is his.

I also bought this embroidery frame. It is a really wonderful little piece, everything on it is adjustable just like it is on the 1: 1 piece it was copied from. I had no idea at that time I would be doing any embroidery work myself one day.

I am hoping I will be able to work out a trade with a lovely lady that does beautiful petit point. It will be a work in progress that I will have to stitch on the frame when it arrives. There only needs to be a small amount of work on the canvas. I say canvas but it in miniature it will be worked in # 60 count silk gauze.

I don't think Roger is still making furniture. I have Googled his name and found some of his work still being sold. The prices now are much higher then they were when I bought these pieces.


  1. Beautiful thing! Good luck with the trade! :)

  2. there are 'miniatures' & there are "MINIATURES"....and this is certainly one of the most beautiful pieces I think I have ever seen.....!!!!!
    So very VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!


  3. Linda say well ... Although my budget is always very small, I can recognize the valuable pieces and fascinate me beyond words!
    I enjoy the pleasure of seeing wonderful things :-)
    I hope to see soon realized your embroidery: I'm sure will be wonderful!
    It would be nice to implementing it in half, and then mounted on the frame, as if the work had just been abandoned ...
    Mini hugs, Flora

  4. Beautiful piece, Catherine. I think he is still making furniture though, because I see he is an exhibitor at this year's Philadelphia Miniaturia..which, sadly, is no longer held in Philadelphia.. :-( I really wanted to get to this show this year but I don't think that's going to work out.

  5. It is a beautiful piece! I'd really love it. I decided to buy less but only the best that I can afford. Which sadly doesn't always mean the best at all. But for a piece like that I'd gladly break my piggy bank. Wonderful! Rosanna

  6. Tabitha,

    He would have to be in his 80's by now or colse to it. Do you think perhaps it is his son that is carrying on the business? I think Eugene Kupjack' son did that didn't he?

    Thanks everyone!

    Someday... I will have a better setting to photograph these things in. If I can ever get away from my real work long enough.

  7. More beautiful pieces in your collection, they are wonderful!

  8. Catherine, It is so gorgeous! Great detail on the stand and I love that table!!

  9. Yes, Catherine, I am quite sure he'd be easily that old but, as far as I knew, he hadn't had any health issues. But it is possible that a son (or other relative) is handling the shows which can be pretty grueling. I used to see him at a lot of NE shows when I lived in Buffalo. He could still be making the furniture, though... 80 is not so very old these days. At 90, my mother is still very active and creative. As a matter of fact, I hauled her all over the Tom Bishop show (and IMA, so 2 days worth) this Spring and she only sat down at lunch time and briefly in the afternoon. I hope I have her stamina if I get to her age.

  10. Ok...just thinking about it now...I went back to my programs for the Spring shows and he was at the Three Blind Mice show in Chicago. At least all his stuff was... I cannot honestly say if it was actually him behind the table but I was pretty sure it was his wife. I only ooh and aah at his stuff because I've never really had a place for it. 'Bout time I remedy that situation.

  11. Susan,

    Thank you for telling me all of that.

    I would be delighted if he was still going strong making furniture. Perhaps I assumed since the prices had gone up so much he wasn't making things any more. If he has a web site I can't find it. Maybe he can only make enough for shows. I could sure understand that!

    I am so glad to hear about your mother!!! :-) She sounds like she's in exceptionally good health. I wear out at those shows really fast. My feet kill me and my brain goes on over load.

  12. Absolutely masterpiece of furniture !!! Jeannette

  13. Hiciste una excelente compra. Ese bastidor se merece un bordado exquisito, espero que lo encuentres.
    Besos Clara

  14. Amazing how detailed the woodwork is. You're lucky with such furniture in your house

  15. What a beautiful piece! Quel plaisir ce doit-être de broder en miniature sur un si joli cadre!

  16. J'ai peur que vous ne puissiez pas employer l'armature pour effectuer le travail de broderie. Il doit être fait outre de l'armature. Alors vous pouvez le coudre sur l'armature.

  17. Gorgeous piece! I love woodwork, especially if it has anything to do with fabric or needlework. I agree with Rosanna, I buy less pieces, but I try to buy the best quality I can afford. And of course a piece has to 'speak' to me, this one certainly does!
    I saw and talked to both Roger and his wife at the Philadelphia show last year. I drooled over the work at his stall, but didn't manage to buy anything. Shame I won't be going to the Philadelphia Show this year.

  18. PS: I was looking at the piece and I have a a question. How does the bottom stretcher of the parts that will hold the embroidery stay in place? I am assuming the round bits (sorry for my poor vocabulary) are there to screw the stretchers up or down, but what is holding the bottom one in place? Logic tells me gravity should make it fall off.

  19. As far as I know, it's still Roger and his wife at the shows. He has never had a website. He does have printed price lists, the one I have is from 2005, but the first update since 1998, so I assume the prices shown there are pretty accurate and they still seem pretty reasonable for the level of work.

    Thank you for showing that embroidery frame, I'm going to make sure I stop and visit with him at the Philadelphia show this year and pick up one of those frames at least. His work is pretty wonderful and no one can keep it up forever.
    Pat R.

  20. Josje,

    I will buy anything that speaks to me but usually it is fine craftsmanship so I also buy less.

    The bottom stretcher has always stayed in place for some reason. You would think gravity would cause it to fall off but it doesn't. Surely it would on the 1: 1 version of the same. Yes, the 'round bits' do screw up and down. Everything on this piece works.

    BTW... I am still hoping to hear from you in an email soon. ;-)

  21. Have you found any one interested in doing your embroidery? If not email me at minibear21(at) Hope you can work out that address. I am in Australia and have done some work on fine silk including the 'Last supper' on #60 mesh. That took me about 6 months but hopefully you don't want that :0)
    Lyn in sunny Queensland

  22. Me gustan todos tus trabajos, los relojes, personaje etc.. pero el bastidor me ha llegado más por gustarme el punto de cruz, es mi debilidad.
    Un abrazo