Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beautiful Miniatures From Peiwen

No... The lost kitty and Yancey didn't go to Paris to bring me home some Laduree treats.

These beautiful miniatures were made by the lovely and very talented Peiwen. Aren't they beautiful!!! I could open my own patisserie she was so generous. I love the big bottle of Champaign, I can see bubbles inside the bottle. The tiny macaroons are perfection!

She has so many new things in her ETSY shop. You must stop by and have a good look around. :-)

Thank you so very much Peiwen, I love them all!

It seems that kitty and Yancey fell in their carrier box between the pillows in my friends sofa. Christmas cleaning revealed their hiding place. I am very happy they have returned home today.


  1. Is this the new pair..Yancy and Kitty that you've made? These ARE just are amazing and I love them both, especially Yancy. :o))

    I'm pretty sure I have this shop saved on my Etsy favourites, but I will take a peek anyhow! lol

    Michelle xxx

  2. Catherine, I'm so glad that your Fur Babies have been returned, unscathed from their escapade in the Sofa.
    Did you get my reply to your email and did you manage to contact David?

  3. Aha....I seem to recall that having the hostess check behind, between and under cushions was a suggestion. These little things can get into the smallest of places! I am very happy that they are home again, just in time for Christmas...told you they were having an adventure together. Too bad it wasn't in Paris :-)

    Your items are beautiful. I love her things!

  4. Do'h! lol I've just seen the bottom of your post..these are the originals! You have two Yancy's now! ;o))

    So glad that they came home safely to you. ;o)

    Michelle xx

  5. Happy to hear they are back home!:D Sweet sweets! Thank you for sharing the link, Catherine.:)

  6. Catherine, Isn't Peiwen so talented! She has just sent me a package with some goodies in it to that I need to photograph! Her food items are so delicate!!
    I was thrilled for you to see the lovely Yancey and Kitty safely at home again!! Isn't that just the best to have them back! I am still trying to hunt down a lost calico cat that I am afraid might have been sucked into the vacuum at some point!! LOL.....the trials of the miniaturist!

  7. Que maravillosa botella de champan y los macarons son fantasticos, preciosos el perrito y el gatito.
    Gracias por el enlace.çbesitos ascension

  8. Debbie,

    I am so sorry!!! I have just sent you an email to explain.

    Thanks Everyone!

    I don't know what the deal is with kitty's eyes. They photograph black. They are yellow with a thin very tiny rim of black eyeliner. ???

  9. Todo es muy bonito pero la botella de Champagne me encanta. Un beso

  10. I'm so glad your tiny furkids are back home! I felt so sad for you when they went missing.

  11. Woo hoo, French bubbly and cookies to celebrate the return on the little ones :) I bet they are mightily glad to be home!

  12. Catherine I am so pleased your little friends have returned....what a relief!!!
    The macaroons are perfect, I have a box also and they are bliss, the scale, the colour & the presentation is all beautiful....some people are sooooo clever!!!
    Linda x

  13. OMG yes I am so going to visit her Esty! Thank you for sharing this info. Have a great day.

  14. Yay! They are home again! Perhaps not quite as exciting as "The Incredible Journey" but they have had some adventures! I'm so happy they are home safe!

  15. Those ARE gorgeous little miniatures! I love that champagne bottle too!
    And I'm thrilled that kitty and Yancy were found - YEAH!!!

  16. Dear Catherine, the talents they call each other...
    Beautiful gifts for a beautiful Lady :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  17. The kitty and yancey are so cute, so are the laduree treats. I'm going to visit Peiwen's site right now.

  18. Oooh just lovely to see this, great!

    My old blog works no more, new one>>>