Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

No, this is not my gingerbread house. I just thought you might enjoy seeing it. I have been doing a lot of baking though. Next year I am going to have to try one of these. I just thought this one was so exceptional I had to share it.
I also love this one for it's wood texture on the gingerbread. I really do like them best when they are not covered with candy .


  1. wow!!! That is so nice Catherine....first off I thought....'here she goes again'....I thought it was another amazing item that you made, I think I am sectretly relieved that it was made by someone!
    I am so looking forward to seeing the new puppy!
    Linda x

  2. That is really gorgeous! I was 'introduced' to the White House gingerbread house this year - being in Australia I hadn't realised it was a tradition. Gosh that is grand ...but I like this one better. :)

  3. Beautiful houses!Love the round one. I can't wait to see your new dog Catherine! I am sure it will be a great animal:D

  4. I have a little tradition of making a gingerbread house at Christmas but they are a little simpler than the one you have shown. I love the wooden house too. Maybe I will try to extend myself this year. Can't wait to see your new hound.

  5. That woodsy cottage is one of my favourites. I intend making a half scale version one day. And the gingerbread looks fantastic!

  6. Love the second one, it is beautiful! I will keep this photo as a reference, who knows I may want to make something like it one day ;)

  7. I love both, but the wooden house is my absolut favourite.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful houses with us, Catherine.
    I am looking forward to see the new dog, too (-:

  8. Very nice to see, but I also like the 3e it's just wonderful!

  9. Wonderful gingerbread houses. Am I correct in thinking that the second one is made of ginger bread but is made to look like wood?!?! It's truly amazing if it is! :o))))

    Michelle xxx

  10. Hi Michelle,

    Yes, it is also gingerbread. If you double click on that photo it will enlarge and you can get a closer look. I assume some sort of texturing tool was used on the dough before it was baked to make those marks on the...faux bois. I love the shape of this little house.

  11. Those are great Catherine! I love that round one too!! Looking forward to seeing your new dog!

  12. Hello Catherine! I like these gingerbread houses, for a moment I thought I had it in miniature, made by you.
    but I realize that would be something monstrous to be able to do it in miniature!
    Why replace this post? I'm curious to see your new dog, I imagine it will be wonderful, but I do not want to miss these pictures of gingerbread houses!
    hugs and kisses, your homonymous Italian! ha ha!

  13. Mamma mia! Diabetes is just looking at it!
    Perhaps it is the home of Hansel and Gretel?
    The second is equally wonderful, great atmosphere ...
    Too bad that you delete this post.
    Mini hugs, Flora

  14. OK that is all I needed to keep it! Thanks Everyone! It stays.