Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lavish Gifts Have Arrived!!!

I have always known Linda was a person with multiple talents. That is demonstrated though every aspect of the miniature work she does and her resplendently beautiful blog. She has a special eye for detail. The photos she takes deserve to be published in a book!!!

I love, love, love these daffodils she made for me. Made even more special with the miniscule weed growing up on the side of the of the mossy flower pot. It is destine to live next to the front step of my house.

Who would think someone could be so thrilled with a bouquet of weeds! They will be kept safe until the day their stems are clipped and planted. To understand their size, look at the one on the flower pot above!

When Linda posted the photo of Beverly Miles beautiful tatted doily and said she was sending it to someone, I never dared to dream it would be to me. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. A photo cannot begin to tell you how fine and delicate it is. It reminds me of a snow flake. The thread used to make it is much finer than sewing thread. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I have admired Margaret Crosswell's beautiful work for a very long time on Linda's blog. I am so thrilled with this beautiful pitcher. It is just gorgeous!!! It will have a special place in my house.

Thank you so very much Linda....I am so thrilled!!!!!!!! You are so very generous and a valued dear friend.

Catherine XXX


  1. What wonderful presents and so exquisitely made too.

    I've made the daisy's myself and know how difficult and time consuming they are. The fact that Linda has been these perfectly, shows an immense amount of skill and patience and very good eyesight! :o))

    Michelle xx

  2. Catherine, WOW.....what wonderful gifts you have received! I love the flowers and have always loved Margaret Croswell's pottery too! I had a feeling the doily was for you!! It will look lovely with your collection of miniatures that you are gathering!! Hurry with that new house!!! I can't wait to see what you design!

  3. Who's a VERY lucky girl then?? The flowers (and the 'weeds'!) are totally perfect!! And how kind and generous of Linda to send you the doiley and jug as well, both of which are the most beautiful pieces of miniature artistry one could ever hope to receive.

  4. Catherine, the presents that you've received are simply amazing ! Flowers are beautiful, the doily is so fine and precious and the Margaret Crosswell's pitcher is perfect. Real treasures ;)

    Mini hugs,


  5. Beautiful gifts! Isn't it good to have friends like this particular one? :)

  6. How kind, nice an lovely are the presents made by Linda.
    I do understand how thrilled you feel !

  7. I am so pleased you like the gift....I am also pleased to see that they arrived safely, it is such a challenge to post a miniture plant!

    Enjoy.....Linda x

  8. Some days I could kiss the postman! Lovely.

  9. Wow!!! So many beautiful gifts. I remember the doily from Linda's post and was also mesmerized by it. It is the prettiest thing I have seen! What a treat to have such a wonderful friend. Enjoy! =)

  10. Envy is a sin of which, today, we spot many!
    Wonderful gifts you received, even more precious because unexpected.
    I am sure that your home will welcome them in the right way :-)
    Mini lovely hugs

  11. Yes the pitcher it's wonderful also the flouwers, perfect!

  12. For you and your friend Linda to enjoy.

    Check out the copper washstand in the Dinner at Talcey posting, oh la la

  13. Thanks Karin! It is a gorgeous was stand. It would be easy to make in miniature too.

  14. Easy for you to say it would be easy to make!