Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lovely Swap Gifts From Caterina

Caterina and I decided on a swap for her beautiful tea box. It arrived in today's mail.

I am astonished by her incredible patience, She has filled the box with miniscule tea bags. All of them so well made they fit into the box perfectly! One even has real tea in it. I love the tiny tag on the string. :-)

She generously added these other gorgeous boxes of cappuccino, rosini and spaghetti. I cannot believe the strands of spaghetti. It is the perfect color and so fine. The open box of rosini also has pasta in it.

These are all such wonderful pieces and I am delighted to have them in my collection.

Thank you so very much Caterina! I am thrilled.

Catherine XXX


  1. Do you like pasta?
    Now you have a little bit of Italy in the pantry, you need just the tomato sauce :-)
    Caterina is a treasure!
    I embrace you with affection, thanks for the birthday wishes :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  2. Yes, I love pasta! I don't get to have it very often though. Too many carbs.

  3. Catherine, I LOVE what you have received in your swap!!! The pasta does look real and will look great in your kitchen! What did you send her for the swap??? I am so curious now!

  4. They are wonderful items....all of them! But I can understand why you like the tea so looks perfect!

    What a fabulous little collection to have....enjoy!

  5. Patty... I made caterian the fabric basket with the green apples in it. It is in a post below. :-)

  6. Beautiful!! The tea looks really! I don't know how she did this but it looks really good!

  7. Caterina's gifts are wonderful!!! =)

  8. Wow, those tea bags are so perfect! I can't believe my eyes. They'll look perfect in your kitchen, along with all those other amazing minis you've collected :)
    Hugs, Lucia

  9. Hello Catherine, I'm glad you liked everything!
    Flora is right now lacks only the peeled tomatoes ... ha ha!
    I also have it, damn, I forgot to include in the package!
    you can see here:

    I send to you in the next swap, OK?
    kisses, Caterina

  10. Stunning! Catherina’s works are amazing with some many details. The color of spaghetti is perfect!
    I was also impressed by your apples, Catherine!
    It’s so nice to do a SWAP!!


  11. Lovely gifts Catherine,you lucky girl :-)!Jeannette x

  12. These are beyond cute! I will definitely need to get some of that tea when I am fitting out my Tudor kitchen. Thanks for posting the pic!

  13. Congratulations for this gifts, Caterina is a lovely woman, and congratulations for you for your bascket of apple. Good week.