Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tool-Fest & Watering Can Up Date

I hope it still works after I get the sprinkler head on it. I am waiting for some perforated brass for the nozzle head.

I was starting to find it really annoying that I couldn't work on small metal projects at home. The new work bench I bought last fall looked lonely and much too tidy. :-)

I called Rio Grande and ordered some things. It may not look like much but that isn't what the bill says. A new TX series Foredom flex shaft, It has a much stronger motor that will allow me to carve hardwoods. Then a new dapping block by a British maker, Durston. Oh my, to me it is a thing of great beauty! I love how the punches all neatly fit in the carrying case with the block. There is a high polish in the steels dapped spaces. I also got... two bezel mandrels (for forming) and a bunch of bits and pieces for the flex shaft. Now I have to get a torch. I can buy that here in town. Then... Maybe I will offer a few copper pieces to sell occasionally. Teapots and such.


  1. I'm so happy to find another miniaturist who gets excited about new tools. I'm always rewarded with a look of bemusement when I ask for a saw or pliers as Birthday gifts from my family.

    The watering can looks superb. Keep up the great work and fabulous blog

  2. Catherine Said... Because Mr. Blogger is a &^%$

    If you cannot post here under your own name use the Anonymous option and let me know who you are. :-)

  3. Funciona! tu regadera funciona!
    Que preciosa
    Un abrazo

  4. Catherine Said...

    Oooooh my Followers list is back. There is still hope I might be able to comment here again too someday. :-)

  5. 1) The watering can is going to be a great one of a kind. And (of course) it can be used as a regular and ordinary 1/1 watering can ;-)
    2) What a neat,well organized and clean workshop. I am a bit jalous regarding my own personal mess.
    3) Oh please ! Do please sell your copper or tin-plate pieces. I want to be one of your first customer !!!

  6. I love new tools too, I plan on getting some myself soon! :o))

    I LOVE the watering can!!! :o)))))

    Blogger is giving me problems now too. My followers come and go (I can't see them) and my blog header went and I had to upload it again...not to mention not being able to see some posts!

    Michelle xx

  7. My feeling is... Don't fiddle with it. it might just vanish again anyway. I know they are trying to fix some things.

  8. Great tools! I am sure you will have a very short time of selling when you offer some copper pieces to sell, Catherine;D(I am going to save some money already;D)

  9. The tools are great! I saw that same dapping block advertised by a Dutch company, so tempting...but I probably won't use it so much so then it just would be too expensive to buy.

    The watering can is looking so good! I love that you're able to pour water from the spout. I think you are probably right about the sprikler head, the water may be too 'thick' to pour down the holes.

    'Maybe I will offer a few copper pieces to sell occasionally. Teapots and such.' ....YES YES YES!!


  10. Catherine, when commenting on a blog (even your own!) that has an embedded comment box at the bottom of the post, try unclicking the "keeping me signed in" box right below the sign in box. Doing this allowed me to comment on this post...otherwise, I could not. The problem apparently only applies to blogs with this sort of comment box. As I understand, they are "working on it"... pffftt! for the comment...

    What a great little watering can! I can see how the nozzle might prevent the water from actually pouring through. I have a large vintage can similar to that and the nozzle can be removed, if desired. Maybe yours can be be, too? Though I doubt anyone would be using it for watering mini gardens, do you think?

    I do like the idea of it really functioning however. And I will often purchase (or admire if out of my budget) mini's that really do work!


  11. Congratulation with the new tools.
    And the watering can look great.

  12. Catherine your watering can is simply amazing!!
    With you making it I am sure there is no question that of course it can pour!!!
    Your work shop looks fantastic....!

    Linda x
    ....sorry to hear Mr Bloger is still causing you problems, at long last I have my followers back and just asumed everything else was back to 'normal'.

  13. Catherine, There is nothing finer than a good tool! I love buying tools too!!! Your watering can is coming out so perfect! I can't wait to see the brass nozzle head! You found perforated brass for it? I thought you could make that. It is going to be exquisite!

  14. When the workshop takes over the house you know you are finally home!

  15. Watering can loos lovely. I would like to need it in my garden! Hugs Kati

  16. The watering can is brilliant. Absolutely perfect!
    Judith x

  17. I know that, even if these images are all very functional, in the end, you surprised us with some extraordinary creation "Catherine" style, and will feel that this was done with the magic wand, and not with tools :-)

  18. It is wonderful to have good tools! I can't wait to see what you make with them! Have fun, and show us your creations soon! :-)

  19. How wonderful!!...esp. that it pours so perfectly! Your workshop is amazing.........hopefully, you will be offering some of your handmade delights for sale and put me on the list of buyers!!!