Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Sampler Gift & New Chair

Linda sent me a beautiful red and white sampler she bought at SIMP this summer. I have just finished framing it. Isn't it wonderful! Thank you again Linda! I adore it.

I bought the fabric for this chair at the Tom Bishop show in 2010. It is really heavy unlike the silk and made the job a lot more difficult. I thought I would just make another wing chair while all the do's and don'ts of upholstery were fresh in my mind.


  1. Such a pretty little setting!!! I adore your new chair, yet again beautifully upholstered. You have framed the sampler beautifully, I feel ashamed as mine is still sitting on my desk waiting for my attension......hopefully soon???
    Your little lamb is EXQUISITE......oh how I wish we lived closer!!!!!.....I would love to explore your collection of!!!! X

  2. Oh, Catherine, that chair is GAW-JESS! I see what you mean about piping and I am immediately going to pick up that weavey-thingy you told me about! The sampler is so lovely in its frame! And as usual, your vignette is perfectly staged!

    Happy Saturday,
    John XO

  3. I would LOVE it if you were right next door Linda!!! What fun we could have.

    That fabric was such a lucky find for our tea stained roses wall paper. It is a perfect match.

  4. Que lindo regalo el cuadro bordado, su silla es un trabajo hermoso.

    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  5. Your chairs are Gorgeous! Did you start with a kit for the furniture? Or did you make the frame yourself? Your care with details is Awesome!!!

  6. Oh, the sampler and the chair go so beautifully in your room! Lovely work, and so harmonious :)

  7. This is all so gorgeous, so perfect together. The sampler is beautiful in it's new home and the new chair---well I'm speechless! Again, your setting is perfect and your photography is flawless---

  8. The chair looks beautifull.
    Miniature greetings

  9. Bonjour catherine . Cette chambre est magnifique .
    J aime beaucoup les teintes douces de tous les objets .
    C est un très joli travail . La teinte rose du couvre lit est sublime .
    J aime beaucoup tous les petits détails de cette chambre

  10. Only one word to describe your chairs ... perfection!! This little scene is just gorgeous. You are a very clever lady to upholster chairs so well. I'm sooooo impressed!! Judith x

  11. Dear Catherine, right now I have a terrible headache and I think that if I could lie down a little on the inviting bed, and squint my eyes as I look at all the small details of the resting room, the headache would go, leaving room for a restful happiness: -)
    Your latest work is fully justified by the beautiful result :-)
    Mini hugs

  12. Lovely chair, lovel colour and lvely vignette as usual :o))
    I well remember the ampler, the lady who sold them had no more when I arrived to her stall :o((
    But I am glad that it's at your house.
    Minihugs, Rosanna

  13. Lovely chair and sampler! I like how the fabric almost gives the illusion of button tufting (something I love!), but I can imagine the fabric was not easy to work with.

    A very pretty bedroom scene!

  14. Hello Catherine,
    The chair came out beautiful. Good job my friend. I love your mini rooms, they look so enviting and charming. the smapler is just the right touch.
    Big hug,

  15. The new chair is wonderful; i like the fabric. The room is lovely.
    Kiss Faby

  16. Not only is your craftsmanship outstanding but your sharp eye for details also comes to expression in the way you stage your beautiful creations. As always a delight to see! Thanks for sharing.
    @Linda, stunning little sampler, embroidery to scale!