Sunday, September 30, 2012


How incredibly lucky am I to have friends that remember my birthday. It is so exciting to get an unexpected parcel in the mail.

Linda sent me a gorgeous vase by Margaret Crosswell,  The painting on it is so soft next to the pretty pink roses. I love the fluted edge around the top. It will be just perfect in the master bedroom.  Thank you so much Linda, I adore it! XXX

Several months ago I shared a story with Linda Master about a Paris apartment that was literally a time capsule. Although the rent had always been paid, no one had been inside it for 70 years. 

Linda and I loved a painting that was found inside the abandoned apartment by Giovanni Boldini. Rather than repeat the story, I will let you read about it here...

Yesterday I was totally blown away when I opened my gift from Linda. It is a miniature copy of Giovanni Boldini's painting painted in oil. Linda used her special router bits to make the frame and then hand carved the design around the edge. Thank you so much Linda! Your talent never ceases to amaze me. XXX


  1. Oh My gosh! What incredible gifts to cherish you've got! I can't say which one I like more. Each of them has a story behind and this is what makes gift a gift to treasure! Mini hugs, Natalia

  2. Gorgeous gifts.
    Happy belated birthday greetings , 100 of these days.

  3. What Awesome Gifts!!! You are lucky to have such friends!! Linda Masters is very talented! That painting is Beautiful! Thanks for sharing that amazing story! (And Happy Birthday!)

  4. Beautiful gifts! I've loved Boldini's work since I first saw one of his paintings in the Newport mansions in Rhode Island. I used a reproduction of that painting in the Heritage. I remember that story about the was amazing to see.

  5. Wonderful gifts! And from two friends that share a name. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :-)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Catherine! What a great story about the Paris apartment...those are some thoughtful gifts from some extraordinary artists. Hope you had a lovely day!

    Best wishes,
    John XO

  7. Isn't it lovely to get unexpected gifts...and so thoughtful. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday =0)

  8. Felicidades!! los regalos son preciosos!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  9. What precious treasures you have received, Catherine! Both are so very unique! You must be absolutely thrilled! Happy belated birthday to you and may you have a wonderful year! I look forward to reading the story.

  10. I love the picture......a very thoughtful gift from Linda M, I adore how she made the frame.....very clever.

    I hope you had a lovely day!

    Linda x

  11. Again Happy Birthday Catherine :) Hi Linda, the vase is absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Happy Birthday Catherine, your gifts are beautiful, the mini painting is amazing. Your two Linda friends are good to you. Is that a true story about the apartment?

  13. Catherine I have found the answer to my question, how intriguing and an interesting site, thanks for the link.

  14. Dear Catherine, first of all happy birthday.
    I apologize for not being one of those friends with good memory :-)
    Thank you for sharing with us your gifts, especially because until now I did not know the story of the fabulous time capsule apartment, and this is just the kind of news that make me dream ...
    The painting is poetically beautiful, perfect for a sweet Lady that you are :-)
    Again happy birthday,

  15. Happy Birthday, my very dear Catherine.
    So precious gifts for such a precious friend.

  16. Feliz cumpleaños (con retraso)
    Tus regalos son verdaderas obras de arte, que las disfrutes
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  17. Congratulations on your birthday! You've received some lovely gifts indeed, that's very sweet of Linda!

  18. Hello Catherine,
    A VERY HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY TO YOU. The frame and the vase are just gorgeous....really beautiful pieces.
    i hope you had a great birthday, and I send you much love and all the ebst wishes ever.
    Big hug,

  19. A late happy birthday to you Catherine. I recognised Margaret Croswell's work immediately, everything she does is so beautiful. How lucky to have such a wonderful painting too, I'm off now to read the story ...

  20. Hi Catherine, about Pinterest......

    I might be wrong but I think you can join with your email address. You do not have to have a FB or Twitter account. See, Getting Started.

    I love it!!

  21. Thank you Janice!!! I will check that out over the weekend. ;-) Catherine XXX

  22. Happy birthday, Catherine! Such kind friends you have! I also fell in love with the Boldini painting from the Paris apartment. So, can your readers expect to see some of your work inspired by the time capsule? :)

  23. Hi Carol,

    Thank you. :-)

    My, you sure have been getting around the world!!! I am so happy to see you and Mr. True 2 Scale doing so well.

    I am not sure what else the Paris apt might inspire. Among other things...I sure did love that vintage Mickey M.

  24. Wonderful present, my best wishes too!