Sunday, February 17, 2013

OMG! I'm Nak*d On The Internet

I hope you will come back and see me in a few days when I have my fur on.

I have been busy playing with polymer clay making a shetland sheep dog (sheltie). I am having trouble finding the right colored golden, natural fibers. So This dog may have to be a blue merle. Which is fine with me because I had a full size blue merle collie when I was growing up who lived into my late twenties.

There is still a bit of refining to do on the sculpt but that won't take more than an hour or so.

I hope this title doesn't draw the wrong sort of viewers.


  1. Your Sheltie is beautiful, looking forward to see it with it's clothes on ;-)

  2. He's already cute! Can't wait to see him with fur on.:)

  3. BRAVO !

    Moi aussi j ai hâte de voir la suite.. J espère que vous nous montrerez comment vous faites avec la laine .
    C est un mystère pour moi , je ne sais pas comment on fait la fourrure . Bonne continuation et beaucoup de patience pour le collage des poils ... Un par un ...

  4. I have come to the conclusion that you can do anything!!!! Anything you turn your hand to you can do....and do to perfection!!!!

    This little chat looks amazing with no clothes one can only imagine what a delight he will be when he is finished.

  5. sculpted that little dog so well!
    I am looking forward to see the cute animal properly dressed :-)

  6. Love the way he looks as if he's shivering! look forward to seeing him with his coat on.

  7. Hi Catherine. Lovely sculpting. I hope you will tell us how you do the fur because I would like to try making pets. I'd like to see your cat

    I have been following your blog for awhile and love it.

    1. I am blindly finding my way. You should learn from the expert, Kerri Pajutee. She has a tutorial about making a dog and a cat on her site.
      If you look back a few apges you will find some pictures of Kilmouski. :-)

  8. Well that got our attention!
    Love the dog, he (or she?) is going to look amazing once you put the clothes back on...

  9. Oh my dear, give that poor doggy a fur coat right now: the whole wolrd is looking at him, Catherine :D!!
    He looks great so far!!

  10. Encantador...solo le falta ladrar

  11. He's so adorable! He has such an endearing face. Somehow, you succeeded in giving him personality! He looks kind and approachable! I suspect that he will get along great with Kilmouski!

  12. He looks cute already, it is difficult to imagine how slim those dogs actually are underneath all that fur, can't wait to see him in his full coat.

  13. wow! well done, so far, looks like he's proportioned perfectly for/before his fur. Can't wait to see him clothed :) Excellent sculpting my friend---

  14. Wat a cute doggie. But with a warm coat on he looks mutch nicer. I am curious.

  15. Haha...great title!

    Naked or not, this dog already looks realistic! Can't wait to see how adorable he is with hair.

  16. The dog looks nice and cute.
    I wonder how lovely he looks when he has his hair.

    I enjoy your last posts also al lot.

  17. Well you certainly know how to grab attention, poor fellow looks a bit startled by it all :) Wonderful job Catherine, you are certainly a multi-talented gal!

  18. :-D
    I see that the thick fur is ready to take on the nakedness (of course, still ball, but at least in the vicinity ...)
    I'm sure this will be another masterpiece (now you have used us!)
    Mini lovely hugs

  19. The little dog's face has such character, it looks playful and alert. I am looking forward to seeing it complete.

  20. Can't wait to see him with his coat on:)))

  21. I would love to learn the techniques for putting fur on the beasties...! Your dog looks wonderful... even naked.... makes me think of how funny my chow used to look when he was "clipped" (shaved, really) for Summer! It completely changed his character until the hair grew back! Lol!

  22. You could set up a whole new group 'the naked miniaturist' lol.
    Even without the fur the dog shows a lot of character already, great expression in the face!
    Like daydreamer as a child I also had a dog with a very beautiful and thick coat. Gorgeous dog she was. When she was in the shower (which she hated) there wasn't much left of her.

    I look forward to the big change!

  23. I can't wait to see the dog once he/she has his fur. What will his/her name be?
    What a great blog you have. I am looking forward to following it.