Friday, February 22, 2013

OOAK 1: 12 Scale Blue Merle Sheltie Dog

This is my third dog sculpt in 1: 12 scale. The others have all been Westie's. This one is furred with Alpaca fibers. They are incredibly soft and consequently so it the dog. There is no painting on it with dyes or inks everything is fiber. The eyes are made of 2mm onyx beads. His eyes sparkle but sadly not in these photos

I am trying to talk myself into doing more animals but there is a problem. I hate working with polymer clay. I would like to improved my sculpting.  I am starting to see the mistakes I make and there is something in me that makes me want to concur that. It is almost like saying to yourself... NO! You're not going to win!.
I rather like adding all the fur, for me that is the fun part. Even though it took me several days to finish it. 

Here is a picture of a LIVE Blue Merle Sheltie. Their markings vary greatly! Then....mine (again) below it.


  1. Hi there, Catherine. Your dog is above all my expectations! Oh, what a beauty! I can imagine it took you days to put the fur on. But what a pity you dislike polymer clay...I'm afraid I don't know any alternative, apart from pottery-clay of paperclay.....

  2. Oh he is gorgeous Catherine! You have done such a great job with the furring! I love the face with the brown patches on either side, so sweet. And I do see the sparkle in his eyes!

    You're like me with your dislike for polymer clay. I have often thought of making some cats and dogs ( I would like an Irish wolfhound), but I dread the sculpting part.

  3. Gasp! He is just beautiful. Don't stop you have a real talent!!!

  4. Oh my he's fabulous!!!! That middle picture, I swear he's going to jump right down off the chair!!!! Very well done my friend :) :)

  5. Marvelous work!!! He's beautiful!

  6. Wow...he is so beautifu, love the colors and the eyes! You are so talented Artist!

  7. Looking at the beautiful results you would never know you dislike polymer clay. Wonderful job and amazingly life like.


  8. HO catherine ..
    Incroyable , il est fini .
    Et je n arrive pas a deviner comment vous faites pour faire la fourrure . La technique est parfaite .
    La sculpture demande toujours beaucoup d essais .
    Je déteste faire la première forme et attendre que la pâte sèche .
    Mais après j adore sculpter . Je pourrais le faire pendant des heures . C est comme pour le travail du bois . J' aime poncer pour obtenir la forme idéale .
    J' espère que ce chien aura plein d' autres compagnons .
    La fourrure est vraiment magnifique .
    Est ce qu il a déjà un prénom ?
    Je vous embrasse .

  9. An admirable accomplishment, Catherine! Please, you're too hard on yourself. He looks so real. He is absolutely endearing!

  10. You have done a fabulous job but I don't think he should be allowed on the good furniture it will end up covered in fur.

  11. Fabulous work, Catherine, he is just beautiful, his face really looks alive, I am expecting him to start barking and jumping up and down from excitement any second, maybe you should ban him from getting on the furniture ;-)

  12. Both are cute. The mini one and the real one!!
    You did a fantasic job!!

  13. Dear Catherine, perfection is not of this world: his research leads us only to improve, to overcome our limitations and, why not? also our idiosyncrasies!
    So get our best work, bearing in itself all of us.
    I wonder why the human being tends to always see the flaws, ignoring everything else ...
    In practice this dog is adorable, just like you :-)
    Mini lovely hugs

  14. Mijn complimenten voor deze prachtige hond. De 1:1 en de 1:12 zijn allebei erg mooi.

    Groeten Xandra

  15. Catherine your talent knows no boundarys. Yet another perfect miniature....he has such a beautiful face.

  16. Such a cute and charming dog, I am amazed at your talent!
    xx Lucia

  17. Fantastic ,Catherine or furtastic ,love the word of Karin :-) Hugs,Jeannette

  18. Darling doggie, Catherine :-)

    If you don't like polymer clay, there are some lovely air dry clays that dollmakers use. One good one (or so I have heard) is Premier.

  19. Your dog is simply stunning.

  20. The little one look so real. Hugs Kati

  21. Wow, Catherine! Just WOW! I have never seen a Blue Merle Sheltie before... what a Beauty! What is his/her name???? As usual.... your work is just Perfection!

  22. Thank you Everyone for all your kind comments. I really appreciate you taking your time to leave me a message. :-)

    I have named the dog Stormy. It just seemed to fit him.

  23. Hi Catherine, the dog is amazing work! He has the WOW-effect for me :D!! I am so glad he is naked anymore....his fur coat is beautiful, the markings are great. I can see the sparkle in his eyes.
    Hugs, Ilona

  24. Bravo Catherine, the dog is amazing!

  25. Once again you have created a masterpiece!!!

  26. He's lovely and you've given him a lovely face. I wouldn't know where to start.

  27. Como siempre tu obra es perfecta.
    Mis felicitaciones