Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Scott Hughes Miniature Lighting, Student Lamps

This is the second student lamp that I ordered, just arrived today. It is an absolutely beautiful piece.

There is so much detail you cannot see in the photo.  The shade is etched with a design that allows the light coming through it to be brighter in those etched areas. There is a threaded (working) screw on the side of the lamp, which enables it to be heighten or lowered. This one has a aged brown patina on it. Though some areas have been left with a bright polish.

Eventually this floor lamp will be with different furniture in a living room setting.
Scott made these student lamps in a limited number. They all have different patinas. no two are exactly alike. He has one table lamp with Francis Whittemore glass shade. There are two different styles of table lamps, a chandelier and this floor lamp.

Sadly, Scott will not be at the Tom Bishop Show in Chicago in 2014. He has decided to do a show in Japan next month. If you are interested in one of his new lamps you can contact him at the address below. I am afraid he doesn't have a web site. If you want his phone number let me know in your comment.

Scott Hughes
14500 South Riverside Rd.
Cable, WI. 54821


  1. The lamp is great. Hopefully those animals are not going to get fur all over that beautiful chair!

  2. Beautiful student lamp, Catherine, thank you for showing.
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. The lamp is so beautiful! What a treasure.

  4. Hi Catherine! Thank you for showing your Scott Hughes floor lamp! I love his work and your 2 lamps of his, are both Exceptional! I have Finally got mine up and running ( after waiting 17 years ) and I'm loving it too! I have to say that I LOVE the little scene with the lamb and the playful cat and all the trimmings! Your photos are always so feminine and so artfully detailed. And that teapot and teacup are simply Scrumptious! :))


    1. Thank you Elizabeth. you always leave the kindest comments. I would love to see your lamp Scott made. I think his fixtures are the finest I have ever seen. I just stood in front of his table in Chicago and stared... for what felt like an hour.

    2. Hi again Catherine! I just posted some photos on my latest entry so if you are interested in what Scott what doing nearly 20 years ago, come have a look-see! His style has as much attention to the detail then, as he has now! :D
      hope you enjoy


  5. I can't believe the realism Scott Hughes achieved with those lamps. Too bad he won't be at Tom Bishop, next year.

  6. Hihi , je veux le même !
    J'ai demandé a Scott et il m' a répondu avec beaucoup d'humour ... Qu'il préférait que je garde mes sous pour mon voyage aux USA avec mes enfants cet été .... Mes souris peuvent attendre un petit peu .... Elles peuvent s'éclairer avec des bougies !
    Plus étonnant , mon mari est d'accord avec lui ..haha !
    Cette lampe serait parfaite dans le salon de mes souris , j' en suis sûre . C'est un très bon choix .
    Catherine, dépêchez vous de construire votre maison .

  7. I just had to pinch myself to make sure I am, in fact, awake and not dreaming up the most realistic miniature antique lamp I have seen to date. The lights I'm planning to make for the bungalow are very primitive by comparison...

  8. This is absolute and pure beauty in miniature.
    All the skill and ability of the artist is radiated from each piece (very appropriate, since it is a lamp!)
    As always, you've chosen a fabulous addition to your collection :-)
    Thank you for always sharing with us all the excitement of these purchases :-)
    Mini lovely hugs

  9. Thank you Catherine,
    for sharing your lamp with us, there are a lot of things that I want and that lamp is one of them..without you posting this I would never know this existed...it's really a work of art

    Marisa :)

  10. This lamp is a beautiful piece.
    I like your nice scene.
    Greetings, Faby

  11. Una escena llena de encanto, fabuloso trabajo.
    Un abrazo.

  12. Hi Catherine!

    Gorgeous scene and exquisite lamp. I have the perfect setting for this but unfortunately not the money at this time to pay for it :-) It's so hard in miniatures to be broke!

    Just lovely,


  13. Wow! That's a stunning work of art! :D

  14. What a gorgeous scene you have created again, and the lamp is so realistic too. I love the lamb on the chair and the cat rolling on the floor, and the colours are beautiful.

  15. Catherine, I have been following your blog for a couple of years now. It's great. Thanks for joining me. It sounds like we own the same cat. I am now to the point that I have to have an extra seat by my worktable for Widget.

    1. I love your blog! I usually enter through other peoples link on their blog page. Today I thought...What am I doing... wouldn't it just be simpler to click on Follow. ;-)

  16. Catherine, we arrived safe and well into London, although we are extremely tired!! Will email you as soon as I can.
    Linda x

  17. Hi, I'm not sure if you can still provide it but I am looking for Scott Hughes' phone number. I work for the Museum of Miniature Houses in Carmel, IN and just read an old Dollhouse Miniature article about his Young Frankenstein piece. Thank you. Jennifer Borman, Operations Manager

    1. Scott lives in Wisconsin. I am telling you this so you can judge a good time to call. ;-) That is central time. 715-798-4433