Monday, February 24, 2014

Wild Rabbit

I wanted to make a wild rabbit. I should have remembered how this Alpaca heather brown mix photographed.. Despite the fact that this fiber is as soft as anything I have ever used, it looks like steel wool in photos. I suppose that is because you see the individual hairs. That doesn't happen when every fiber is the same color. In person though, this color Alpaca  looks just right for this sort of rabbit. He can sit on the tip of my finger.
He looks pretty cute sitting next to the geese. Though I am sure you are sick of seeing those. So am I!!!

Still alot of sculpting to do in this photo. It helps me to see what needs more work when I take pictures. Here his eyes were too big.


  1. Great work! Very realistic rabbit.
    Bye, Faby

  2. What a lovely rabbit. Compliments for your work.

    Greetings Xandra

  3. Hi,

    What a beautiful rabbit! He looks very realistic. I bet he is soft as butter! Lol!


  4. Aww, sweet bunny. Very interesting to see the 'naked' model underneath and very skillful to be able to visualise the body and how the fur will look once applied. One day I will attempt a sculpt like day =0)

  5. Oh Catherine.....he is gorgeous!!! It is always a good idea to remind us just how small he to simply sit on the tip of your!!! I love his fur.....if you keep going in this direction you will have a lovely Easter
    display....?? Lx

  6. Has hecho un gran trabajo, te quedó precioso. Un abrazo

  7. Catherine...what a lovely Easter bunny. Hope he leaves you lots of treats for Easter. His fur is lovely....alpaca is SO soft. It is my favorite fabric for making bears. Easter will be here before you know it...Penny

  8. He is fabulous and looks wonderful next to the flowers, but I have to say I would never get sick of seeing your geese.

  9. Increible! Parece que va a echar a correr de un momento a otro.
    Un abrazo

  10. he is adorable. you managed a very nice portrait rabbit. is what you will do in different positions? you are very good at giving the exact nature of the animal. I love how you worked the fur. this is perfect. kilmouski must be jealous of all the attention to someone other than himself!
    je vous embrasse


  11. Catherine, this is awesome work, the rabbit is so sweet. His fur is really well done, my compliments. I think it must be very difficult to work on such a small animal.
    Easter is coming, so maybe there will be more rabbits?
    Hugs, Ilona

  12. You have made a gorgeous rabbit! I don't think it looks like wire wool, he's just unkempt like real wild rabbits are!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  13. So adorable :-)
    You're becoming a sculptress version of Beatrix Potter :-)
    Lovely hugs,

  14. He is lovely Catherine! The colours are perfect. I love the subtle white around his eyes, so sweet! He looks like he's wearing his winter coat...

  15. He is perfect Catherine, beautifully sculpted and furred as usual!

  16. Oh he is not only adorable but very realistic. I like his coat. And I love it that you're doing other animals besides dogs and cats. Shows wonderful talent and versatility :)

  17. What a cute little thing !
    I love it ;)

  18. You amaze me, this rabbit is really great.

  19. Wow! that must have been quite a lot of detailed work there, but it came out great! Are there going to be some young bunnies in the future?

  20. How wonderful! You are a magician!!


  21. What an adorable rabbit! It looks so realistic, WOW!

  22. Nonsense Catherine, now show the photo of him beside the geese! :D In their pre flocked stage, they look like the rabbits from Watership down :) I think their fur has shown up well, though I understand what you mean about how things look different on camera. Good luck with the goose, not long to go now, hope you get a good bit more for it :)

    Sarah :)

    1. Thank you Sarah!
      I just joined your blog. OMG! I LOVE IT!!!!