Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is in the air

I ordered this peony kit from VariAatje. Ria's kits are just beautiful! I still have a hydrangea kit to do but that will have to wait a while. PHEW! No one told me how much time some of the flower kits take to put together.

The hat and purse are made of congress cloth I dipped in strong tea. I didn't want to use the paper flowers for a hat so I stitched them out of 2mm and 4mm silk ribbon on gauze. Then they were glued on.

Maybe some of you remember Penny Weight Press. Barbara Raheb made such beautiful books. I am lucky to have several of them. The unabridged (fully readable) Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is on the table and E. B Browning is in the purse.

The lemons are polymer clay. My first attempt at making any sort of food.