Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sheraton Side Table

Last summer I ordered a small marquetry side table from Chris Malcolmson. Despite the fact it is a Sheraton table, I thought would be a nice compliment in a room with the William and Mary chest of drawers he made for me.
I want things to be harmonious but not matching. I am keeping my eye out for a taller piece of furniture for the same room, a beautiful secretary perhaps. 
You might have caught a glimpse of my vanished post which was a help question . I got a fast answer, so I deleted the post so as not to trouble you with it.
I have been struggling with the NEW polymer clay formula imposed on clay companies like  Fimo and Sculpy by the Environmental Protection Agency. The clay now is much too soft, sticky and sort of greasy. I HATE IT! It is impossible to work with.
I have been told that Kato polymer clay is the better option now for its working qualities. I am hoping this is true because I have ordered it to finish a project I have been struggling with. Most of which is finished, except for the hands and face. Surely there has to be an answer if it is not Kato. I could never make an animal with the new formula clays. 
Thanks a lot EPA.... You *&^%$#   &^%$. Grrrr