Monday, May 12, 2014

Handmade Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles.

This is not the final arrangement. I just keep playing with them like they were puzzle pieces. Sometimes mixing in the white and blue matching solid ones. The square ones are 1/2 inch.  I love the Greek key tiles and the tiny square corner ones.
As usual I couldn't make up my mind. Terry Curran's work is so beautiful. Choosing one design meant leaving all the others behind. So I have what looks like a patch work quilt of tiles here. 
No, I am not sure exactly how I will use them in the kitchen. The idea was to use them around the sink as a splash guard or behind a stove. I will have enough to do either one. I have tested that on the drawings I have of the walls. 

It is a perfect color match to the Stokesay Ware I have. Which is also a mismatched collection because I loved all the blue and white designs they have too.