Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Every Village Needs A Shop (Nutshell House)

Welcome to... "Twigs & Berries"

Today's Menu

Imported... French Frog Eggs, Pears& Raspberries With Honeyed Blueberry Sauce, Sparkling Honeysuckle Juice

Classes For Children Thursday Afternoon... A Field Trip... Identifying the right mushroom snacks.

For the Ladies... Try a new look...Wing Painting...Friday's By Appointment

Belgian Spider Silk Lace... by the inch.

Fairy Dust... Six Exciting New Colors!

Portable Rainbows... See our display window.

Emergency Wing Repair 24/7

Frankly this was a little &^%$# to make. It is going to be a while before I touch another walnut. lol I decided I would like to have a vine growing up and over the awnings. I started with very fine wire and soldered all the pieces together. Trying it on the shell as I went along soldering. Then I painted the wires brown.

Now I could spot glue the vine to the nutshell. The next step was to glue the 1/2 mm beads on. YEP one by one. I found that they were really secure by painting clear nail polish over them after the glue dried. Once I had all the "berries" on I really liked it without any green foliage but thought it had to have it on the vine. :-(

I built the bay window by cutting up three double windows to make one bay and glued that to a styrene box I built. In the window there is some magic happening. These holographic tiny stars blink colors even in relative darkness. I just glued them in a pile for the bay window display... "Portable Rainbows". If you could see inside it, you would notice there seem to be some much smaller ones floating in mid-air too. Those are glued to a second & third sheet of clear styrene on the inside of the house. They step back from the window front. I still have to make the sign that will stick out from the side of the bay. I am going to have to use someone else's printer for that.

PHEW.... Maybe too much information. ;-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


At long last! For well over a year I have wanted a simple basket of croissants! I ordered them from Stephanie Kilgast at PetitPlat. She also sent me a gift of a religieuse. I love it! Thank you so much Stephanie!!!

Something else I have wanted for a long time is a lemon reamer. To go with the hand held strainer and all the other things I made. This boxwood reamer was made by David Edwards. I am delighted with it. I have a slight wait for the bread board I wanted from him with the word BREAD carved into it. Seven YEARS he told me.

I have been working on my next walnut house. It is a shop called Twigs & Berries. Stay tuned. :-)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your Opinion

Please click on the photo twice for a close up.

The second fence finally arrived for the house. I have painted and shaped it to fit but not glued it in place.
I am not sure I like it. Rather then go into my opinions... I would much rather have your thoughts about it, if you would care to share them. Thank you! XXX


I loved the second floor balcony fence that came with the kit but... I must say it has more of a French flavor in my opinion and probably doesn't belong on Georgian townhouse. I have found the actual house this kit was fashioned after in Bath, England.

I thought you might like to see what the real house looks like that the kit was modeled after. I got the address off the box the kit came in. They don't have the elegance the 1: 144 scale one has. :-)

Karin is right about the reason for the ground fences being there to protect people from falling into the basement stairs. However I had disregarded that fact for an effect I was hoping to achieve.

I think I will just have to live with it a while. I hate the idea of changing that great second floor balcony fence to match the first floor one.

Thanks to everyone that leaves me thier thoughts! XXX

Monday, March 7, 2011

Making Frames

The past few days have been busy. I haven't had much time for miniature work except for these two frames. I realised all of the frames I have are large. I wanted some small ones for walls and tables.

I really liked this image of a woman wearing this crazy bird hat I found in 'The Graphics Fairy'. I also found another photo of this beautiful little girl that I really loved.