Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thank you Monique

Due to another eye surgery I have fallen behind on finishing my kitchen cabinets. I couldn't do any sanding. That however gave me time to change my plans a bit.

I was inspired by Monique's refrigerator re-do.   I ordered one from Germany to incorporate into the kitchen cabinets I am building. However when it arrived it was too deep but I could feel that there was a lot of empty space back there. So I cut the back off so it would be the same depth as the cabinets.

Then I covered the outside with wood and trimmed it the same way I did the kitchen cabinets.

I ordered a 1 mm sheet of acrylic plexiglass on Amazon.
I cut it to size for the new shelves on the Proxxyn saw and trimmed the front edge with 1 mm square styrene.                           

Goodbye to those shelves that came with the fridge.


The plexiglass comes with a thin film on both sides to protect it from scratching.

PS... I am happy to report I have 20/20 vision in both eyes now. ;-)