Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting There Little By Little

I have gotten the rest of my order from Bill Helmer (IGMA Fellow). It is three beautiful Elephant Ivory bowls. The source is legal and obtained from old pieces. The bad news is it cannot be shipped to other countries from the USA. However his Wooly Mammoth Ivory pieces can be. Mammoth Ivory is much harder to get he tells me and I like it as much if not more.

The big bowl I hope to use for a fruit arrangement. I thought the tiny bowls would be good accessory pieces on dark furniture. Those little bowls are close to being egg shell thin.

Finally I found a teapot on Ebay that would be nice with the china I bought twenty years ago. So in celebration, I cast eight place settings of the Chrysnbon flatware in 14 Karat gold. Which is a better match then silver for my china anyway. Those are two of the Chrysnbon 14K gold teaspoons in the photo.