Monday, October 27, 2014

Un-Du Archival Safe.... Saved my Petit Point Canvas. THANK YOU MARK!

Un-Du is an adhesive remover that is archive safe. Scrapbookers use it a lot. It has been used on very valuable antique books to remove stickers and price tags.

This morning I telephoned the company and spoke to Mark. He developed the product. I asked him if it was safe to use on fabrics. He told me a story about a very valuable dress that had gotten some sort of sticky adhesive on it in London. The dress was pure satin and a rich red. Un-do took off the gluey substance without a stain or color change to the rich deep red dye.

He told me to try it on a scrap piece of my petit point canvas using a piece of the Velcro's glue smeared on it. Then he told me how to use it for that purpose.     KAPOOF it ltook it right off.  

So I used it on my petit point canvas. There is no more adhesive on it. It evaporates so fast there isn't even an odor now.

THANK YOU MARK for this WONDERFUL product. I am so glad I found it.

PHEW... What a nightmare that could have been.