Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Walnut Shell Cottage For Sale

I have been busy again making a Christmas walnut shell cottage. This time one to sell hopefully on eBay. The listing should be up later tonight and I will then post a link here....  This one has a Christmas tree inside the big bay window. On the back of the house there are lace curtains in the small windows. 
It is too bad the gold star ornaments don't photograph very well, because they are holographic. They sparkle & wink in a rainbow of colors, even in low light. The snow glitter sparkles too but that also doesn't show in pictures. :-(

Yes! This is the same house. It is just a view of the back side.
Of course the house could be hung on a Christmas tree but a better idea would be to hang it in one of those domes for a pocket watch. Those are optically clear and have a hook on the top, inside the glass.

BTW...Later this week you should see what that hand I posted a picture of was all about. Now that it has arrived in it's new home in France. I will post a link to it here.