Monday, February 7, 2011

Colin Bird's Kitchen Table

Just playing while it snows...Again! UGH!

Please click on photos for a close up.

This piece arrived today. It is the table Colin Bird made from the rough piece of yew I posted about not long ago. I wanted to photograph it simply without much embellishing so you could see the wood grain. I feel I have failed to do it justice!!! The top is silky smooth and the color is beautiful.

I told Colin I wanted a table that had a lot of tiny knots in the wood. He sure didn't disappoint me, not in any way. I love his work.

The very happy surprise was how nicely the ladder back chairs go with the color of the table. I bought them last year at the Tom Bishop show to use in a kitchen with no idea where I would ever find a table. What a happy unplanned result. I had no idea if it would work until today.

Thank you so much Colin. It is exactly what I hoped for and more!!!