Saturday, March 30, 2013

Andy Is Ready To Go To Your House


Andy is looking for a new home. He has had all his shots and has been house broken. He has promised not to get on the furniture once he has been adopted.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Narrow Escape From Another Disaster

                     WILLIAM & MARY  MARQUETRY CHEST  

A week ago I received the chest I ordered from Chris Malcolmson. I couldn't be more delighted!!!

The first chest he sent me was damaged during shipping. It was disappointing and I really thought it would be taller than two inches. There was nothing on his site in the way of measurements, I just assumed it was a bigger piece. It had to be returned in any case.

This new chest turned into a special order. I asked him for a taller one which meant he had to add more drawers. His marquetry designs are beautiful, as is the burl wood he used for the main body of the chest. I was very surprised to see that he dovetailed all the drawers this time. That was not something I expected because the first chest didn't have them.

I wrote to Chris immediately to let him know the chest arrived safely and thank him for the BEAUTIFUL job he did.  When he wrote back this morning he said he hoped I had not thrown the box away because he also sent me a gift. He told me it was an apology for the long delay. He had to have his saw repaired which took a few weeks.

I gasped because I had thrown out several boxes in the garage last night and I knew the city had already been here to pick up everything. When I got to the garage there was his (over looked) box with all the packing materials still inside it. He made me a gorgeous tea caddy. I am thrilled, it is just beautiful. I wrote him back to thank him once again.
                                                             I love happy endings!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

OOAK 1: 12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Westie Dog


Mr. DeMille... I'm ready for my close up now.

Meet Andy! I have been working on him for several days. He was a lot more work then the Blue Merle Sheltie was for some odd reason. I came home yesterday and he was furred everywhere except his neck and head. Six and a half hours later he was finished and had his final cut.

He is looking up slightly. Andy is exactly one and a half inches tall.
I am not sure I can sell him and hope to get a fair price for him in an eBay auction. I am still thinking about it. if I list him I will let you know.  I have the option of sending him to Chicago to the Tom Bishop Show with a friend at his table.

It is such a funny feeling to make a animal and fall in love with it. I look in his eyes and I feel affection for him. How utterly ridiculous! I hope you get over that feeling after you sell enough of them.
 I am sorry you can't see his feet. They are the best ones I have ever sculpted..

Thursday, March 14, 2013

vaRIAatjes....Where did you go?

Oh no!!!! One of my favorite flower kit sellers web site has vanished. Does anyone know if she is still in business. If so would you please leave her new address in your comment. I hope she is OK.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Linda's Legs

I was so thrilled when Linda sent me these gorgeous cabriole chair legs she made for my wing chairs. Somehow she cut them out of one piece of cherry wood. There are no joints in the legs. ???
So...I had to order some of Susan Bembridge's Fabric to do them justice. I got my favorite for a English cottage, Cream Fleurette. I can't begin to tell you how lovely her fabrics are. The cotton is so soft and easy to work with.
For this chair I had planned to make fabric covered piping. No matter how many times I tried (on some practice material) I just thought the finished result looked to big. I want the piping to be a subtle addition to the chairs.

OK back to the nasty stuff, polymer clay. I am working on my next eBay auction. It is wonderful to have a little extra mad money to spend on miniatures.